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Sent a note to Chris Watson and asked for an update that could be shared with this board:


Greetings and thanks for the correspondence. Having encountered a technical issue in October, I had to take a little break, but have now found some time to get back on it and plan to have it back at the printer after the holidays.
I've attched a PDF that contains a 9 page run of pages to illustrate what's coming (it represents but 1% of all listings but happens to contain just about every non-sports type that is covered in the NSB). Please feel free to distribute/post/whatever.
Happy holidays.
. . . for anybody who wants the PDF file (it's 2.1 megs), just email me at and I'll be happy to foward a copy to you. 
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After sending the above note, I read in another thread, further down on the chat board, that Chris Watson (author/editor of the NSB) was going to start actively posting here. 

In addition to being a wonderful addition to our forum -- Chris wrote some of the best articles that EVER appeared in THE WRAPPER -- he can also keep us directly updated on the NSB.

Welcome, Chris!

Tom Boblitt
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I'll take a copy of the pdf at the email address above.........
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