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I found one somebody needed last time and a member found me a card the time before. Don't know if you don't try.... I have some very good trade bait in many similar categories as well as a few unadvertised signed Mantle items (sports - ya I know). I will pay ALMOST absurd prices as well in an effort to close these guys out :-)

N2 indians - white swan error (the one on feeBay - good seller absurd price) mostly any condition
N43 champions - pettitt - temple - cummings lower grade ok
N162 champions - teemer - mckenzie - sears - steinitz lower grade ok
N184 champions myers - rowe no advertising front

Mr. Moses

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OK. I get it. I'm the only one looking for a card or two. Makes me feel great that you'se are all done with your sets and I'm struggling AND an unanswered post makes me look selfish :-(

BTW - I have all the cards you guys USED to be missing...

Mr. Moses
non-sports daniel

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Sorry Henry, been hitting the yard work really hard. I'm more responsive in the winter!

Here's mine (a lot of the same from the last thread):

  • R11 Allies in Action   116,117,118,165
  • R24 Big Thrill Booklets   Buck Rogers 4,5
  • R25 Thrilling Stories      Crafty Keen 1, Hal Hunter 7
  • R73 Indian Gum   series of 24  10,12
  • R73 Indian Gum   series of 96  2,19
  • R73 Indian Gum   series of 48 red stripe  39,42
  • R75 Indians, Cowboys, Westerns      Red background with black image: Chief American Horse, Indian Adventure
  • R118 Presidential Play Bucks      Franklin Roosevelt $1, Album coupon
  • R120 Remember Pearl Harbor   5
  • R170 Warriors of the World (Bradas & Gheens)   2,8,9
  • R177 Zoom Airplanes    Red border 170
  • T221 Champion Woman Swimmers    51,94
  • R722-6 Rocket Rangers     4 (Earth variation), 6 (Earth variation)
  • R722-8 Wild West      8,9

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Just need one....

1962 Topps/Bubbles Mars Attacks #13.

Have a graded #39 to trade. See my post in the BST forum For a scan.


Collecting Topps sets from the 60s...Civil War News and Mars Attacks (both completed), Soupy Sales (45/66) and cards of several actresses including Greer Garson, Ingrid Bergman, Ann Dvorak, and Claudia Cardinale.

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Not ignoring you Henry, sorry if it seemed that way.

The virus has given several who collect cars forced vacations and they are working on their cars; and to quote one of my favorite country singers, we have been "busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs" trying to keep up with the demand for our carburetor rebuilding kits.

I don't have any of the cards on your list (maybe if you were to collect cards of cars I could help [wink] )

Will post my annual request:

Would like to at least identify, and hopefully acquire the 12th Bazooka World Famous Stamps card.
Need from 1937 Goudey License Plates - Vermont with plate number 50-390.
From 1939 World Wide Gum License Plates - Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

Will pay an unreasonable price for any of the above.

Would also like to trade want/duplicate lists with anyone who, like me, is foolish enough to try to collect the 1949 Topps License Plate (Stop n Go) set.


Jon Hardgrove

If you think "one size fits all" - try walking a mile in your spouse's shoes!

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OK Henry, I'll play (get ready for some strange stuff!!!)

Aeroplane Series: [Wischmann R5] - Akron The Largest Dirigible
Batty Book Covers: [Topps] - 2
Big Top Favorites: (Bread Labels) - Davie Dwarf
Blackstone's Magic Tricks: - Wrapper with "Practical Magic" ad
Boy Scouts: [Goudey R26] - 46
Children's Dolls With Stories: (Lion Coffee K32) - Blue Beard;  upgrade: Hop O'My Thumb & His Seven League Boots
Dr. Dolittle: [Post Cereal] - 45
Fairyland And It's People: [Bell Bread] - Ugly Duckling; upgrade: Hansel And Gretel
Famous American Indian Chiefs: [Hires Root Beer] Complete Panel - Osceola, Quanah Parker
Famous Americans Stamp Gum: [Topps] - Wrapper
Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids: [Phoenix Candy] - Complete Candy Box: 5
Flag Midgee Cards: [Topps] Uncut 3 Card Panels - 6/26/22, 8/89/72, 13/87/43, 31/66/45, 54/60/50, 70/18/99;  upgrade: 9/32/78, 15/81/10
Funny Travel Posters: [Topps] - 22
Get Smart: [Topps ] Secret Agent Kit - 16
Goofy Gags: [Fleer 1963 from Football] - A Fisherman;  upgrade: I Welcome Criticism, Stand Up
Hee Haw: (Topps Test) - 20, 28
Indian Series: [Willards Chocolates V101] -  13
Jet Atomic Model Flying Planes: [General Mills] Complete Cereal Box - 2, 6
Joinies: [Kellogg's] - Jose Caricoa, Mickey Mouse (Cowboy);  upgrade: Donald Duck(Caballero)
Kimble Marathon: Scientist Cards [Kimble (Owens-Illinois) 1979] - 16
Lotsa Laffs: [A&BC] - Wrapper
Mineral Cards: [International Coffee K112] - Gneis
Monster Initials: [Topps] Tan Back - BS, BT, EI:Werewolf/Hand
Monster Laffs: Midgee [Topps] Full Panel - 128/118/142
Noah's Ark: [Flatbush Gum R100] -  Zebra
Pinup (Exhibit Supply):
  Calendar Girls 1(Litho In U.S.A) - Blind Date, Boughed Beauty, One For the Books, Sleepy Time Girl, What Lines;
  Calendar Girls 2(Litho U.S.A.) - A Pleasing Discovery, Closed Case, Fair and Warmer, Foil Proof, Fresh Lobster, Peek-A-View, Sheer Surprise, The Highway;
  Slick Chick Dipsy Doodle - Sit Down Strike;
  Slick Chick Twins - A Wicket Player/Rain Capers, Cute Pair/Putting One Over, Thin Ice/Smooth Sailing;
Presidential Book Marks And Statuettes: [Sears and Roebuck] - 32
Sealcraft Cards: [Dietz R123] - 164, 168, 195
Sicle Trading Cards: Airplanes [Joe Lowe Corp] - A-3
Space Patrol: [Ralston] - Secret Code Master, Solar Space Race, Space Nurse
Sport Yesterday And Today: [Lowney V410] - 16, 19, 32
Untouchables: [Leaf] Booklet - Purple Gang, The Bugs Moran Story, The Nick Moses Story
Warner Brothers Records: [1979] Small Card - "THIS COULD BE THE START OF SOMETHING BIG", 8
Welch's Zany Zoo: [(Div Of Nabisco)] Card - 5
Wheels, Wings And Things: [Nabisco] - 17
Who Am I: [Topps] With Disguise - 33

Todd Riley

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Disneyland cards #15 and #16, the blue-back variation.  The higher the grade, the better.

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Mine are pretty straightforward.  I completed both of these sets but when I sold off my dupes long ago I forgot to save examples for my type card collection.  So, any decent example from either set would be great:

R47 Shelby Fighting Planes

R152  Tootsie Circus

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I’m working on several, but right now, the closest set is “Slob Stickers” A series... just need 1A.
Lonnie Cummins
Bob Kuhl

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I still need Crusader Rabbit #2  Rags the Tiger and R170 Warriors of the World #8 Japan, #11 Sweden and #15 Greece. 


Bob Kuhl

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1936 (R-61) Govt Agents VS Public Enemies A220

1950 Topps Parade Flags of the World 099

1951 Bowman Fight The Red Menace (cream backs) 017

1953 Topps Fighting Marines need: (074 SP)

1959 Topps You'll Die Laughing 026

1961 Topps Giant Funny Valentines 044

1963 Popsicle Space Cards 023

1965 Donruss King Kong 016

1965 Topps Monster Greetings 044

1966 Topps Superman copyright only 005


non-sports daniel

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I have an extra R61 A220 and a Fighting Marines 74. PM me or e-mail me for scans.

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Typical for me, I thought I need just one card to complete 1936 Government Agents vs Public Enemies set. Upon closer inspection of my cards, I discovered I need two.

non-sports daniel came through, and the cards arrived today! Thanks for posting this thread and I can mark another set off my list!



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I still need the Flash Gordon test card #24 to finish that set,

and the following Look 'N See cards (any condition):
57 Jessee James,
80 Will Rogers,
88 Roald Amandersen,
98 Adlai Stevenseon,
105 Leonardo Divinci,
113 Sir Walter Scott,
133 Joan of Arc

And two Fright Flicks: #4, 13.

a.k.a. KurtK

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Kurt: What's your address. Email it to me.
Joe Marciano
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