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Hot on the trail of information about an obscure regional '60s non-sports card issue last night (more on that later), I ended up needing to sign up for a trial subscription to to read the full text of an article that proved extremely helpful.

Since I have the trial for another few days, I played around earlier today with some other non-sports card-related words and phrases. A search for "Wolverine Gum" turned up this article from the October 12, 1937, edition of The Windsor Star (Ontario, Canada), which details the business' sudden and unfortunate demise:

Wolverine Gum fire N54.jpg 

So now we know why Wolverine produced two of the seminal gum card sets of the 1930s... then was never heard from again. According to maps, the Edgar Sugar House mentioned in the article (there were several in Detroit) was located about about a half mile from the U.S.-Canada border, hence the fire's detailed coverage in the Ontario paper.


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Great bit of research Jason.  The article gives us a slice to the time when these great sets were being produced.  1937 was the release date for Believe It Or Not.  Maybe there were still boxes of this great card set sitting around ultimately feeding the fire.  Thanks for the share.  - Jack J.

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Somehow, knowing this makes enjoying that series even more nostalgic. As Tyrell told Roy in the Bladerunner movie, "The candle that burns twice as bright lasts half a long." 
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That is great to know!  Very cool, thanks.  I wonder if this might explain the relative scarcity of the R21 high numbers?
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