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I picked up a number of cards from this series plus the triple folder card a few months ago. The cards in this set come in 2 sizes plus a larger 6 3/4" x 3 1/2" size for the triple folder. All of the cards that I picked up have the Hoffman House back and are the larger size. Only 10 of the cards did not have creases or surface wrinkles. My question is: how difficult is it to find these cards in ex condition or better? Hopefully, others here on the board collect this set as well. I scanned in the triple folder (signing of the declaration of independence) plus 8 of the larger sized cards for those who are unfamiliar with this series. This is definitely one of my favorite T card sets and I hope to complete the set (both the larger and smaller size cards) in ex condition or better. But I have a feeling that it may take me awhile. I also understand that the triple folder card is very difficult to find so I feel fortunate to own a copy. I'd like to hear what others have to say about this set.


Eric B
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Very nice triple-folder! Where did you get it? I have just 1 card from this set - the triple-folder as well. But it is in poor condition. i don't collect the set but I saw an opportunity to get a hard card.
Chuck Ross
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Yet another great set. I love the Appomattox surrender card.
Dave G
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the triple folder card from this series is certainly one of the scarcer T-series cards, and if you are fortunate to get one in ANY condition - grab completes the set.

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Thanks for the compliments on the triple folder card. I believe I picked it up in one of the online auctions (not e-bay) but I don't recall which one. Since I have the toughest card in the set, i'll pick up the remaining cards in nice condition whenever I run across them. This is definitely one of the nicest looking T sets out there! Hopefully, i'll complete this set in due time.

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That's by far the nicest triple-folder I've ever seen! EX or better cards are pretty tough to come by, especially in the larger (non-Just Suits) size. I have a complete set, and maybe 1/2 of the cards are in true EX+ condition. They do look beautiful when they are though ...

Eric B
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There was a full set (less the TF) in very nice condition for $500 min bid a month ago. Didn't sell, but it should have.
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