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Hi Fellas!

Happy 2020!

The Emblem series is a 50 card set which shows emblems of various organizations on the fronts of the cards.  It is found with the more common Emblem Cigarettes back and can also be found with the less common Hassan Cigarettes back.  cards are numbered 1 - 50 on the back.

I have a full set of the Emblem backs - however need a few cards with Hassan backs to complete the set.  I am looking for cards with Hassan backs numbered: 20;21;28;29;30;32;37;42;45 and 50.

I have Hassan back dupes to swap and many more with Emblem backs if your working on a basic set.

Let me know!



DSCF9874.jpg  DSCF9875.jpg 


Looking for the T227 shown on my avatar! 
Thanks!  Cliff
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