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Hey Guys,
I bought a large group of Canadian non-sports a few months ago and these were in there. The are definately the T113 Types of Nations cards but this back I haven't seen a variation for. These were obviously taken out of an album and from what I see the print is red and they are unlike any of the examples I have seen plus it looks like they are numbered on the back as well.

Anyone, any thoughts?

Anyone know about these? Blank backed.

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Hi Bobby The Types of nations are not T113, but the anon issuer canadian version C95 and the Photo cards are a set Known to be issued by Tuckett Tobacco C117 British Views

Just noticed that one card is not numbered this is from another Tuckett issed set c119 Canadian scenes
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Thanks for the information, guess I should have got out the Burdick but it was a lazy morning.
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