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Richard L.
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Look n See PSA8 just ended at 5600? Seller/consignor must be doing cartwheels
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Richard , any idea of the PSA pop breakdown ?

Is it 1 of 1 or 1 of many ?
Richard L.
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6 at PSA7

2 at PSA8
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Cheers Richard , superb price for a super card .

I'd be cock-a-hoop if I sold it .

mr. moses
Reply with quote  #5 
just in case someone asks you to - please don't translate that one........
Lance F
Reply with quote  #6 
I don't think any translation could be more humorous than what I'm picturing...
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hear you loud and clean Henry .

ps...I had a bounced mail back ,will fwd again .
Richard L.
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Not to be confused with houdan cock from the E31 set...
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I hope this isn't just another cock and bull story .

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Crack it out and resubmit for a "9".
Tom Boblitt
Reply with quote  #11 
Lower right corner looks a little weak and card is off centered top to bottom.......

And don't forget about the Silky Cock of N25........
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I agree with Tom , lower right looks tight .

Is it the PSA inserts ?

I don't want to get into all the TPG malarky but I had some Cops/Robbers graded and when they returned the corners looked slightly squashed/squeezed in .

Just a thought .


Reply with quote  #13 
Holy cow that card is horrible! an 8 really?this dealer always gets jack pot prices for his cards, Like somebody said the consigner is thrilled.
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