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Registered mail can take a long time. Each person who handles the package has to sign for it. With Christmas falling right after your cards went out it may have slowed things up a bit. Be patient.
Tom Boblitt
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but it DOES. I've had stuff take 3-4 weeks before. I'm not a fan.........

Sadly, PSA is kind of a necessary evil. I think SGC is FAR more knowledgeable about cards but I like PSA's holders a little better cause they're thin. I do like the black inserts of patient and they'll show up. Might not hurt to contact the post office about mid-week though. With Christmas just over, they're still digging out........
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To all for the helpful responses. And Happy New Year too!
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Situation deteriorates as things go from bad to worse. This is an ugly story, if you have a weak stomach, click away; on the other hand, it is a MUST read if you plan to send rare Non Sport cards to PSA for grading.
Four of the six membership cards I sent to PSA were properly graded. One the cards, a Horrors of War Ghoulish Dogs overprint, was not noted as a variation but simply an HOW card. The Sports Pictures card, as I mentioned earlier was rejected due to lack of knowledge. Four of six is unacceptable, no?
Of the six cards, four were Best of Breed. The Sports Pictures(irreplacable), the HOW overprint, a 1950 Tops varsity gum feltback, and the one and only Shotwell Red Grange #1 "One Minute to Play". But it doesn't matter because......Here's where it gets uglier...... The cards were supposedly shipped on December 21, but have not arrived. The tracking number supplied by PSA gets rejected by the USPS. Things are looking bleak.
Richard Mongeau
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I wouldn't worry about it just yet. PSA ships everything insured Registered Mail. The tracking number is probably the type that can only be checked internally at the Post Office, not online.
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