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Eric B
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So what you're saying is you DO have on the same coat!
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Those blue coats are priceless Tom. Here's me and Jr.. Not the greatest pic, but those sneaky camera phones do come in handy.

Mark Hellman
Reply with quote  #3 
Me and my daughter. I'm the one on the right.

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The wife and I on the day we added the little black terrier to our family:

Dan Calandriello
Reply with quote  #5 
In cause any of you are senile, I'm the one with the least amount of hair.

Lacey the pup, is an accredited Monmouth County SPCA therapy pet.

.....My partner, Bev, volunteers at the MCSPCA so Lacey and I accompany her to senior homes and medical facilities. (no, Bev is not in this picture)

.. [img][img]


Here's Bev with Lacey in "Lacey's Car". Lacey visits all sites in this vehicle.


Dave G
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Me and my mom at my Nephews wedding in the UK last year. she is not bad for 87....if only I look as good at that age

One of the VERY FEW times you will see me with a tie.

Dave G

Chuck Ross
Reply with quote  #7 
My wife and I at a cafe in southern France. I have to admit that I was not thinking about nonsports cards at this moment.

Eric B
Reply with quote  #8 
The wife and I out for an Anniversay dinner with the kids.

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. . . here's me, hunting for REALLY OLD cards amid ancient city's ruins.

Shawn Adkins
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Here's a semi current picture of myself and the kids. This is the last picture I had taken of myself about a year ago, just out of the hospital (3 month stay) and I was so happy to be back home.

Dan Calandriello
Reply with quote  #11 
I just visited the baseball side of the board, and see they are posting pictures of collectors (their families, too)

Hope you all chime seems like fun over at the baseball board.

Tom Boblitt
Reply with quote  #12 
I'm SO photogenic......I hate when someone does those threads......

For everyone here to see.....

I'm the old guy with the double chin and my mouth agape, not the 6'2" 14 year old or the 10 year old. No, we don't all have the same coat. We were at the ice show at Opryland hotel this Thanksgiving and they give you a coat for the walkthrough. If you're ever there, it's a little pricey at $17.95 or whatever but incredible ice show. Tons of stuff made out of solid ice.......
Dan Calandriello
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As I wait for my ride to a local baseball show, I decided to try to count the number of different posters to this board. I stopped at people who cared to post questions, answer questions, share information and share cards, sets, wrappers, posters, albums, etc.

Then I counted the number of pictures submitted.....10 so far....hmmmm..

If my math is correct, that's less than 20% of those posting. Privacy is indeed a respected issue, but if privacy isn't your issue, why not post a picture....or email me one ... I'll post it for you later tonight.

I've sent email to the moderator to see if he will host a webpage for pictures. But I will keep updating my website with pics of those who allow me to use them. Check it out....and anyone that their picture pulled, simply email me.

I'll update that webpage later today, so let me is above.

Here is the picture webpage may have to cut and paste the site into your browser.....

...edited to correct url--thanks J.G.:::::

...please note that this is the time of the year where maintanence of servers are being done

at colleges and universities (where this site is located)...please have patience
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Here Dan, fixing the link for you. Great idea by the way. Happy Holidays! Jack
Keith O'Leary
Reply with quote  #15 
Dan Calandriello
Reply with quote  #16 
Waiting patiently for any pics sharing collectors want to post......You can use any pic, even one that shows you in your 20s...hahahah

I'd try updating that website "AT LEAST" by midnight each day but probably sooner.

If you don't want your pic included there, just note it in your post or email me
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