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Rhett Yeakley
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Hey Tom, nice haul. I don't remember seeing you making an appearance at my booth this year but they did have my brother and I tucked away in a dark corner!
Dave B
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Tom - thank you for the pictures! Any way you could update the growing company list for H-628/629 when you get a chance?
Tom Boblitt
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See the attached Picasa web folder for my pickups from the National this year. Not as big a haul as last year but not as many dealers there as in Baltimore. Sorry so long getting them together but I went directly from the national into a week of vacation with the family in Hilton Head. Glad to be home now.....
jerry bannister
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Tom, thanks for showing. I love those flag cards and the ginters, two areas I am actively collecting. Looking forward to my first National next year in Baltimore. I already got the go ahead from the wife.
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