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The photograph below shows two, apparently previously unknown, cards from the rarest of the subsets that comprise the Lorillard N264 Actresses series, namely, Type 3a which carries the Red Cross brand on both the front and back of each card and was lithographed by H.A. Thomas & Wylie, but with printing that is quite different from the other three subsets. The image of Marie Tempest on the right is identical to her image found in the Type 3b subset with the Sensation brand. Of the five known cards from the Type 3a subset, the other four are either different actresses or different poses, as is the case with the Lillian Russell card. As is typical for many of the Lorillard series and subsets, the same actress was presented in multiple poses and, again with this subset, this is the case with Belle Bilton (Lady Clancarty). It remains to be seen whether or not this subset will ultimately total 25 cards and how different they may be from the rest of this series.

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