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mr. moses
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but it's all good............... Congratulations to us and our esteemed leader! Somebody cares about us!

haven't had time to look closely yet but I was just so proud of our Tom.
Tom Boblitt
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A print screen and mail it to me, I will autograph it for you.......
mr. moses
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which deserves special mention - like the dreaded "most improved" I own just a few autographs (but no autografs): Buffalo Bill, Lillian Russell, P.T. Barnum, Baryshnikov

& Nureyev, Pavarotti (spent years working at the MET opera), Miss Piggy (true dat), and finally my newest aquisition Morris Weiss. Having yours would certainly complete the collection! Quick story - I just got my friend Morris Weiss to sign an original artwork sunday comic strip for "Mickey Finn" that he had signed to someone else in 1975 when he was a young man of 60. I snagged it off wheeBay a few weeks ago (3 strips @ 150. BIN - offered and accepted for 50. - priceless to me) and asked him to autograph it. What was so amazing was to see his face as he studied the piece - it was as if he was transporting himself back in time. I got so much pleasure from what I was feeling he was experiencing at that moment......... 96 is pretty old! In any event I think I'll just wait until the B'more national and get your John Hancock in person so that you don't stick me with an autopen signing that I'd have to consign to coaches corner when I grew tired of it.......
Tom Boblitt
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Play at's closed for six months to redo the greens......I'm still working on my acceptance speech.....
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Ran across the site my 1st week into this hobby. Do not really consider it a boon for use. However,I did get humor from Moses and his implied dread when I noticed several of his auctions were on the main page
Charley Ramone
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Tom: Remember all of us little people in your speach and at the conclusion you must scream out: " You like me!, You really Like Me!"

"showin the love since 1969"
mr. moses
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when I was doing some detective work on a seller and some funny re-listings (things that had been listed-sold-relisted). eBay is only saving a closed item for 15 days so I was experimenting with finding past auction results by googling the item #. That led me to the site I linked. I was quite surprised to see the cigar cutters I have listed in their "gallery". I only list now a couple of times a year but was excited that there were other references that might direct traffic my way - and at the same time might direct me to find sumptin I might be looking for. My ebay searches are imperfect and I miss all kinds of things. The "dread" was of course a bit toungue in cheek as I think I've shown a willingness to help my fellow collectors here in a selfless manner. The seed of truth is that the more people exposed to offerings of the things I look for - the higher the cost and the less likely I am to procure it.
Mr. Lee
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Congrats Tom !!! wow I sold cards to a hall of famer..whoo hoo !!

Charley Ramone
Reply with quote  #9 
So, this means we'll have to find another person to take your place in our weekly foursome at Vahalla?

Money does not change people..Awards DO!

"Showin the love since 1969"
tony fryer
Reply with quote  #10 
Congrats leader
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