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mr. moses
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on many levels but only my wife knows evertything........
Bob Forbes
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I've been able to study subjects in every leather premium series listed on the Turkish Trophies coupons, except for some of the extra large premium series. The shape, style, subject, and design don't match anything there.

There's always the possibility this was a different tobacco promotion but I doubt it.

Still, it's a quite interesting piece, great addition to a collection!

Greg Galliger
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This Jefferson Medical College leather is very large 19" in diameter.
It has the look and feel of an old tobacco leather.
Do you think it is a tobacco premium?

This is a picture of the back
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Greg , heres a link that ties in the Medical College with leather .

Not sure if it holds any answers .

Greg Galliger
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Thanks for posting this link. Not sure what to make of it, kinda implies

a possible alternative (to tobacco premium) origin for a leather like this.


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Greg ,

I just googled JMC and most sites agree on founding date of 1824 whilst the leather states 1826 .

Not sure what to make of that .


ps ...founded by George McClellan who could be the guy portrayed on the leather .

Greg Galliger
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I appreciate the feedback and it's OK if you don't like it or don't think it's a tobacco premium.

I purchased this about 15 years ago soon after my grandfather gave me an very old cobblers bench. The cobblers bench used to have as a seat a stretched piece of (likely shoe) leather nailed over a hole that was long gone. My original reason for buying the leather was to be the seat. I couldn't bring myself to use it, more specifically drive nails through it. Soon thereafter my focus on non-sports cards heightened as well as my exposure to tobacco leathers. It has a similar appearance but I agree with your thinking...NOT tobacco related.

Thanks again for the feedback!!!

Charley Ramone
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Hey Greg, Its just 1 mans opinion. Again, I was not "knocking" the item. If its old, I'm in.

Silks and leathers are not my bailiwick. I know folks who collect different types of salt. Just not my thing, you dig?

I did not mean to infer that it was UNcool or worthless,quite the opposite. Collect what you like and enjoy!

I'm with ya bro..not agin ya.

Thanks for the share.

"showin the love since 1966"
Charley Ramone
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I think what we are looking at here (given the leather business tie in)is a early advertising piece, premium,incentive or Promotional product given to Donors,board and or faculty.Perhaps all of the aforementioned.

This also could have been produced to be a stool or chair seat covering, given the size and shape.

The reproduction of logos goes way beyond our non sport world. So, stepping back and taking an objective view of said item makes this more plausible in my mind.

True enough..not being a collector of "leathers" myself, makes this easier for me.

The work and cost to create the die are in themselves a giveaway that this is not a "one of".

I see this as a advertising peice, no more.

Others may disagree

In accordence with my "No Knocking" is old,I like things old, Am keeper of things its still cool.

"Showin the love since 1965"
Greg Galliger
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Charley - it's all good
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