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Hello. I picked up this card on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I have never seen another from this set and have not been able to find any information on this set or cigarette brand in my research. The card is definitely an authentic period 19th Century card. Has anybody ever seen another of these or have any ideas what set this is from? The back is blank. Thanks for any info!

Todd Riley
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Looks like N607!
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That's it! Thanks, Todd!
mr moses
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first time I've seen you site! Berry nice
Todd Riley
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Thanks Henry!

Chuck has done a fantastic job on the tobacco cards. With the brand lookup on the advance search tab, it is a snap to ID these cards (that was how I did it!!!).

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I was wondering what set "Our Junior Partner" was until I did a search here and found this helpful thread.  A "new" one just closed on eBay today:

our-junior-partner2.jpg  our-junior-partner.jpg  our-junior-partner_back.jpg 

Bill Cornell
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