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not really - made you look!

I had to post this but it's hard to give it the annonimity it probably deserves in today's politically correct age. If you manage to figure out the seller - I just want to state that I have met this couple a few times and done business with them in the past IN PERSON. We have also exchanged emails relating to card info/history. They are not bad people. He has been buying and selling cards since before I bought my first N43 in the early 90's and in all modalities including snail mail sales. That being said - I actually had to read this a second time.........

Hard to pass on these "high grade" beauties

"In over 20 years of buying & selling tobacco cards this is the finest group of cards from (# deleted - a common series with more than 500 cards ) series that we have ever seen offered for sale.

The back has a light brown stain at both ends. There is a small back scuff. There are penciled initials on the back that could probably be removed. But, we have left the card just as we found it. There is a tiny wrinkle by his shoulder. I have located this by carefully rubbing a finger across the card. This tiny wrinkle cannot even be seen when the card is held at an angle in strong light. The photos in our listing clearly show the precise condition of the card."

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