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Dan Calandriello
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My hat is off to anyone having super conditioned Fleer Cops and Robbers R36....set of 35

My set is not here with me, but this is the best I can come up with using dupes.

The question I've always had was this. Might there ever have been a 36th card, as many sets of the 30s were printed in multiples of 12s ?

Gilbert Maines
Reply with quote  #2 
Hats off indeed!!

What a collection of fedoras on that crew. Even a Fez!
Chuck Ross
Reply with quote  #3 
I for one am never going to do it without the fez on...bonus points for correct answer to obscure musical reference
Dan Calandriello
Reply with quote  #4 
you mean , Tom, you WEREN'T giving me another nickname ?

And a firm handshake welcome to Chris Watson.

He has multitudes of "population" counts for sets from the 30s

from his surveys taken via The Wrapper many years ago.

Chris Watson
Reply with quote  #5 
Chuck -

Congratulations. You transformed from lurker to poster by what I believe to be your reference to 'Steely Dan'. Hopefully I can contribute more in the future...Chris
Eric B
Reply with quote  #6 
I don't get it. Am I too old or too young?
Tom Boblitt
Reply with quote  #7 
Steely Dan is early 1970's type fare......

I've got a few on the IPOD but I was but a child too.......

No offense to the older dudes.......

Welcome to the fray Chris Watson.....

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