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Dear Vintage Non-Sports Chat Board, It's great to see this site up and running! In the past on the Net54 vintage baseball card site, we have offered old REA catalogs from previous years that we happen to still have in storage in small quantities to interested collectors. We thought this would be a good time to offer this again to collectors that do not have past catalogs and would like them for reference. If you would like a catalog from any (or all) of the following years, this is what we have available: June 1997, April 2005, and April 2006. (Sorry, no 2004 or other years, this is all we have). If any collectors would have interest in having our old auction catalogs for reference, we are happy to make these available at no charge. Please email us at with your name, address, and catalog request (one, two, or three catalogs). We'll take care of the postage. While our auctions are mostly baseball, we always include a selection of non-sport cards and related items (artwork, sheets, wrappers etc). High quality vintage non-sport cards are actually rarer than baseball cards overall, and are rarely as valuable, so presenting a quality selection at auction is always very challenging. We have a great interest in vintage non-sport cards. They have always been a priority and we always go out of our way to present them whenever possible. If there are any collectors out there who are not on our mailing list and who would like to receive complimentary copies of all future auctions, please go to our website, click "free catalog," and provide your address information.

Happy New Year!


Robert Edward Auctions LLC

Tom Boblitt
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always TOP notch.......
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Thanks Rob! First class operation. Any plans to expand the Non-Sport offerings in the future?
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We'd love to expand the non-sport section of the catalog! The only problem is that quality non-sports cards are hard to find - we really have to rely on advanced collectors who for one reason or another decide to sell. There aren't an endless number of individual non-sports cards or sets (as there are with sports cards) that sell for enough money to motivate sellers. We're really at the mercy of what is available and non-sport collectors tend to love their cards a lot more than the money their cards can bring. These days when a baseball card collection with great cards gets sold, the proceeds are sometimes so much (often hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes more) that it can make a significant difference in the lives of the sellers. That is rarely the case with non-sport cards so the financial motivation is often secondary to other factors. The good news is that when sellers do decide to sell, there is always lots of enthusiastic interest. The bad news is that we can't count on an a supply of great non-sport cards for auction - it's feast or famine - depending on if a collection with great and rare non-sport cards happens to be available. Someday we’d like to do an all non-sport card auction but that will have to wait for the right collection to be available.
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Thanks for the insightful response Rob.
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Rob, thanks for that background on auctions of vintage nonsports material.  Very interesting!  Always did wonder why the nonsports section in the auction house catalogs was always so slim.

(Just assumed -- wrongly -- that the auction houses were merely tossing a small bone to the nonsports crowd but didn't want to go overboard with too much NS material on offer . . . since the backbone of the business is the sportscard hobby.)

But if the auction houses are, in fact, actually supply-constrained rather than demand-light on vintage nonsports material, and if NS continues to generate a robust financial response, this sounds like a scenario where vintage nonsport material may continue to appreciate . . .  perhaps eventually to the extent necessary to shake some more cards free from the clutches of collectors! 

(Not me, though: I've gotta keep my stuff and get more. Ha!  Which is exactly the syndrome you're describing, I guess.  The psychic value of these cards to collectors wayyyy dwarfs monetary considerations . . .  Money, they print every day.  Supply of these amazing cards ended 70 or more years ago!)



Tom Boblitt
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there was a thread about some of the old issues in baseball like E107 Breisch Williams and W600 Sporting Life Cabinets. How you really didn't see any of them in the 1970's and 1980's but since they've appreciated so much--exponentially--they are more available now. There's no MORE of them. It's just those 'old-time' (not OLD) collectors prying them out of the vaults and selling them now that they bring THOUSANDS, not dozens, of dollars. I've not been in NS that long, but seeing the prices of some of the sets in the last Mastronet auction, which had more Non-Sports than many recent larger auctions, I could see where some of the old-timers in NS would begin to pry theirs out because they're bring much much more than in the past.
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