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I have 8 N238 dupes for sale or trade for ones I need (28 remaining).  Images of all cards with prices are below.  If you want one or more, you can respond below or PM me.   Thanks!


Turkey - nicest one in the group, just very minor wear $35
Austria-Hungary - paper loss due on front due to scrape $20
Denmark - nice front that has some paper stuck to it, back has some glue remains and paper loss $20
Norway - nice card with just minor wear $30
Bavaria - one corner chipped, back has some glue and paper loss $20
Sweden - nice card with just minor wear $30
France - clean front, back has glue streak $25
France (dupe) - dirty front and back, still presentable $20

n238_turkey(2).jpg  n238_turkey(2)_back.jpg 

n238_austria-hungary(2).jpg  n238_austria-hungary(2)_back.jpg 

n238_denmark(2).jpg  n238_denmark(2)_back.jpg 
n238_norway(2).jpg  n238_norway(2)_back.jpg 

n238_bavaria(2).jpg  n238_bavaria(2)_back.jpg 

n238_sweden.jpg  n238_sweden_back.jpg 

n238_france(2).jpg  n238_france(2)_back.jpg 

n238_france(3).jpg  n238_france(3)_back.jpg 

Bill Cornell
my hobby website: The Trader Speaks
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