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Just added the 1920s Morehouse Bakery Card to the Elmo Lincoln wanted list. elmo colo.jpg  elmo lincoln 1.jpg  elmo lincoln.jpg  morehouse baking card.jpg  s-l1600 (1).jpg 

Collector seeking Elmo Lincoln cards. Interested in quantities and all grades. Paying premium on mint examples. Examples include:

Elmo Lincoln (Tarzan)

1917-1921 Elmo Lincoln Kromo Gravure Photo Co. 

1920s Elmo Lincoln (D55) Morehouse Bakery Card

1920 (E123) Elmo Lincoln American Caramel Card #101

1922 Elmo Lincoln Boys’ Cinema Famous Heroes Card #7

1922 Tobacco Products Corps. Film Stars (T85) Elmo Lincoln Strollers Film Stars Card #166

1922 (T83-3) Elmo Lincoln Strollers Fancy Frame Film Stars Card #101

1920s Exhibit Cards

1930 Bat Cinema Stars Elmo Lincoln #7 (Thomas Bear Back) Card

1930 Bat Cinema Stars Elmo Lincoln #48 (Teal Back) Card

All Autographs

Please contact Troy R. Kinunen at (414)-828-9990 or email 

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