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Joe C
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thanks, found alot now that I know what their called....
Joe C
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These were found in a binder of cards I purchased last week. I think they are the top of some metal tin (maybe an old gum pack?). Tops are concave with picture and players name inside. Backs are mostly flat naming the player and some sort of special feet he accomplished. Bottom is marked 1988 Topps Chewing Gum inc.

Just wondering what these are and approximate value to them?

Thanks in advance,

P.s. after proof reading this I relised I have this in the non-sport section but hopefully someone will still be able to help me out.

Tom Boblitt
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Topps BB Coins..........worthless if MINT........less than that in that condition.....

Just overproduced as everything was in 1987...........few years of them in a row too.....nice oddball collectible though..........

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