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Dan C
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John Moran submitted a high res image of the Aviation Gum Wrapper (Canadian Goudey).
and I created the offer.

Hopefully we can find a good Marine Gum wrapper and Victory Gum wrapper
and do the same.

...hope someone, somewhere, enjoys this one...

Dan C
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Jack J.
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Great to see the high res. scan of the Aviation Chewing Gum wrapper. Thanks John.

In the Victory Gum thread you've addressed the "Bubble Gum" vs. "Series" question. The same seems to apply for the Aviation set and Marine set of Canadian Goudey. I don't know if there is an extended number in one or the other varieties, I just have samples in my collection. And, as I asked in the other thread, are there different wrappers for the Chewing Gum vs. Series sets?

-Jack J.

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