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Dan C
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Yes, the show is going on...22nd and 23rd....

No, I couldn't make it.


So, can those that attended post comments ?

Todd Riley
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Just got back late last night. Had fun as usual. Picked up some stuff for myself (will post when I can).

Overall I would say the show was not as well attended as past shows. Money wise I would say this may have been my worst show there. I attribute this mostly to some new dealers who showed up. One guy was named Marty (who had hoards of tobacco cards and other great items) and another was named Bobby (with great wrappers, packs and other items). These guys sucked up all the money in the room (including mine)!

(Sorry - but it is always such a whirlwind trip that I forget to take snapshots!)
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This was my first time being able to attend the Saturday portion of the show (I've attended the Sunday portion of one or both of the Philly shows annually since 2008). It was more crowded than I anticipated, and I missed the door prize drawings because I didn't find the entry table until the end. Didn't it used to be right up front with registration? I know I found it at least one year because I won a sealed KISS set.

Not that I'm complaining. It was a fine show, as always, and I got to purchase a few nice cards and meet a lot of nice people. It seems that inflation really took hold of the hobby since my visit in October, however. Full boxes I bought for $3 last year were selling for $10 this year, and the same packs that were offered for 10 cents in October were up to $1. So much for stocking up on prizes for the kiddie events I help run each year!

The vintage stuff, which I collect, was through the roof. I spent time looking through one book of amazing wrappers... that also had some pretting amazing prices. The highest topped out at $900! A Zoo Gum wrapper I bought two years ago for $15 had an asking price of $90. I did "pop" (as the American Pickers would say) on a few items, my favorite being a Series of 96 Matthew Beard (AKA Stymie from the Little Rascals), but overall, I didn't feel like the $150 I spent really got me very far.

From a purely cost standpoint, probably my best deal of the day was a box of five early 1970s Fleer and Donruss empty boxes for $15. None of them were anything I'm especially interested in collecting (though "CB Talk" looks pretty fun), but I couldn't pass them up for $3 each.

The artists were cool, though that's not really my thing, and the manufacturers came through with some neat stuff to look at, as always. I don't do much with post-1970s cards, but it's always fun to look through the Philly promos and see what the kids (or, more likely, collectors my age and older) are picking up today.

Bottom line: Fun show. Bring money.
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I do not think inflation was the culprit.

More collector's,hobby expanding, people paying more to "catch" up

Prices then go up

It's good as a seller and can be bad as a buyer.

Just haggle better. I know I annoy the devil out of Marty when we go back and forth
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