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I have been collecting Allen and Ginter cards for many years and the price of an N34 Sovereign card has me wondering.

After bidding and winning on several N34s last night, I gave up on the below card at $38 dollars with less than an hour to go and I was shocked to see it sold for $271.60!  It's pretty rare for an ungraded (except for baseball/a couple N9s, etc.) card to sell for this much.  My question is why?  Does the N34 set have rarities I'm not aware of? The whole set seems to be one of the harder to complete, but do I have to be prepared to spend a lot for this card?

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All it takes for a nutty auction price is two people who want something bad.

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Hey David......I was the seller and just as surprised. Both the two highest bidders had something to do with Thailand, so assuming they duel each other all the time.  Don't know but the high bidder paid immediately and I shipped it to a California address.  
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