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Up until Monty posted the image of the 'Type 1, Style A' cards of May Livingston with the rare back, I had thought that this series was the only one with back variations. I figure that there's lots of information to be added to it, so here is the listing that I currently have (still have to add Monty's image of the rare back).

Type 1, Style C
166K unnumbered cards (+var.)


This series includes twelve athletes that Burdick originally separated into N344. Card fronts state “Between the Acts & Bravo Cigarettes” above an oval portrait of an identified individual with the printer’s inscription “Lith. of Heppenheimer & Maurer, 22 & 24 N. Wm. St. N.Y.” at bottom, and can have several different horizontally-oriented backs. These back variations likely represent several different series with some degree of overlapping checklists, but until the checklist of all variations is more complete and can be thoroughly studied, they are broken down as follows: [a] stylized curved format  logo with the product name “Between the Acts” wrapped over the word “Cigarettes” that is printed within a ribbon banner above “Thos. H. Hall, - Manufacturer, New York.”,  [b] straight format logo that reads “Between the Acts & Bravo - Cigarettes - Thos. H. Hall - Manufacturer - New York”, and [c] “Smoke - Between the Acts - Cigarette, Thomas. H. Hall, - Manufacturer, New York.”. Advanced collectors of this set report that sixty-five cards can be found with the [b] straight format logo on back. The [c] “Smoke” variation has to date only been seen on a small minority of the cards (noted in checklist). Two cards from this series can be dated to 1883 based on the statement “Lost on S.S. Cimbria” which occurred on January 19th of that year.  (ACC# N342-1C)  

KNOWN CHECKLIST:[known back variations]

(1) Aimee [a,b]
(2) Aimee in La Marjolaine [a,b,c]
(3) Kate Allison [a]
(4) Mary Anderson [a,b]
(5) Angele [a]
(6) Mr. M. Arbuckle [a]
(7) Alice Atherton [b]
(8) Josephine Baker [a,b]
(9) Nellie Barbour [a,c]
(10) Ludwig Barnay [a,c]
(11) Lawrence Barrett [a]
(12) Barrymore & Drew [a]
(13) Belocca [a]
(14) Mlle Sarah Bernhardt (facing forward, left hand touching cheek) [a,b]
(15) Mlle Sarah Bernhardt (profile to left) [a,b]
(16) Nellie Bingham [a,b]
(17) Kitty Blanchard [a,c]
(18) Helen Blythe, Late of Daly's Theatre [a]
(19) Miss Stella Boniface, as “Virginia” [a,b]
(20) Agnes Booth [a]
(21) Edwin Booth, as Hamlet [a]
(22) Marion Booth [a]
(23) Boucicault, as “Con” the Shaugran [a]
(24) Miss Lenora Braham - “in Patience” [a]
(25) Maude Branscombe [a]
(26) Nellie Brigham [b] (misspelled - same as ‘Nellie Bingham’)
(27) Marie Burroughs [a]
(28) Carrie Burton [a,c]
(29) Campanini [a]
(30) Emma Carson, in “Blue Beard” [a]
(31) Anna Louise Cary [a]
(32) Castle & Abbott, as “Paul & Virginia” [a,b]
(33) Miss Georgia Cayvan as “May Blossom”
(34) Alice Chandos [a,b]
(35) F.S. Chanfrau [a]
(36) Mrs. Henrietta Chanfrau (wearing hat with feather) [a,b]
(37) Mrs. Henrietta Chanfrau (no hat)
(38) Chester & Branscombe [a,b]
(39) Venie Clancy [a,b]
(40) Kate Claxton [a,b]
(41) Miss Clayton [a,b]
(42) Rose Coghlan [a]
(43) Miss Cone [a,b]
(44) Mathilde Cottrelly [a,c]
(45) Minnie Cummings [a,b]
(46) Bessie Darling [a,b]
(47) E.L. Davenport, as Brutus [a,b,c]
(48) Fannie Davenport in “Princess Royal” [a]
(49) Lablanche Davenport [a,b,c]
(50) Selina Dolaro [a]
(51) Laura Don [a]
(52) Ada Dyas [a]
(53) Elliston [a]
(54) Effie Ellsler [a]
(55) J.K. Emmet, as Fritz [a,b]
(56) Rose Eytinge [a,b]
(57) Miss E. Farren [a]
(58) May Fielding [a]
(59) Florence, in Mighty Dollar [a,b]
(60) Mrs. Florence [a]
(61) Wm. R. Floyd [a]
(62) Edwin Forrest [a]
(63) Kate Forsyth [a]
(64) May Gallagher [a]
(65) Marie Geistinger [a]
(66) Etelka Gerster [a,b,c]
(67) John Gilbert [a]
(68) Mrs. Gilbert [a]
(69) Kate Girard [a,b]
(70) Maud Granger [b]
(71) Lillian Grubb [a]
(72) Pauline Hall “in Orpheus & Eurydice” [a]
(73) Lizzie Harold [a,b]
(74) Maude Harrison [a,b]
(75) Minnie Hauk [a,b]
(76) Marie Hunter [a]
(77) Mr. Henry Irving
(78) May Irwin [a]
(79) Janisch [a]
(80) J. Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle [a,c]
(81) Sarah Jewett, in “Celebrated Case” [a]
(82) Clara Louise Kellogg [a,b]
(83) Mr. & Mrs. Kendal in “The Squire” [a]
(84) Mrs. Geo. S. Knight, in “Otto” [a,b]
(85) Mrs. Langtree [a,b]
(86) Enid Leslie [a]
(87) Miss Catharine Lewis, as the Royal Middy [a,b]
(88) Alice Lingard [a]
(89) Emma Loraine [a]
(90) Lotta, in “La Cigale” [a,b]
(91) Paola Marie [a]
(92) Mlle. Rosa Marliani [a]
(93) Sadie Martinot [a]
(94) Mme. Materna [a]
(95) Lizzie McCall [a]
(96) John McCullough in Gladiator [a,b]
(97) Carrie McHenry [a]
(98) Nellie McHenry [a,c]
(99) Emelie Melville [a]
(100) Maggie Mitchell “as Mignon” [a,b]
(101) Modjeska, as Camille [a,b]
(102) H.J. Montague [a,b]
(103) Maggie Moore - in “Struck Oil” [a]
(104) Clara Morris [a,b]
(105) Ida Mulle [a]
(106) Bertha Necker [a]
(107) Miss Neilson - in Shakespeare's “Twelfth Night’’ [a,b]
(108) Christine Nilsson [a]
(109) Lillian Olcott [a]
(110) Minnie Palmer [a,b]
(111) Bella Pateman [a]
(112) Adelina Patti [a]
(113) Louise Paullin [a,c]
(114) Annie Pixley [a]
(115) Marie Prescott [a]
(116) Jennie Prince - “as Diana” [a]
(117) Rose Rand [a]
(118) Miss Randolph [a]
(119) J.T. Raymond, as Col. Sellers [a,b]
(120) Mlle. Rhea [a]
(121) Fannie Rice [a]
(122) Emily Rigl [a]
(123) Catherine Rogers [a]
(124) Augusta Rommer Lost on S.S. Cimbra [a]
(125) Katinka Rommer Lost on S.S. Cimbra [a]
(126) Eme Rosseau [a]
(127) Marie Roze [a,b]
(128) Annie Russel [a]
(129) Lillian Russell [a]
(130) Alice Sherwood [a]
(131) Mrs. Scott Siddons [a,b]
(132) Miss E. Somerville [a]
(133) E.A. Southern [a]
(134) Lillian Spencer [a]
(135) Miss Florence St. John - as “Olivette” [a]
(136) Alma Stanley [a]
(137) Fay Templeton [a]
(138) Miss Ellen Terry [a]
(139) Mad. Theo [a,c]
(140) Lydia Thompson in “Robinson Crusoe” [a,b]
(141) Emma Celia Thursby [a, b]
(142) Helen Tracy [a]
(143) Vanoni [a]
(144) Kate Vaughn [a]
(145) Miss Ida Vernon [a,b]
(146) Mattie Vickers [a]
(147) Lester Wallack [a,b]
(148) Genevieve Ward in Forget Me Not [a]
(149) Lizzie Webster [a,b,c]
(150) Bertha Welby [a,c]
(151) Mrs. Cornwallis West [a,b,c]
(152) Oscar Wilde [a]
(153) Dora Wiley [a]
(154) Miss Ada Wilson [a]

(155) Brown - Pedestrian [b]
(156) Courtney - Oarsman [b]
(157) Ennis - Pedestrian [b]
(158) Guyon - Pedestrian [b]
(159) Hanlan - Oarsman [b]
(160) Hart - Pedestrian [b]
(161) Hazael - Pedestrian [b]
(162) Merritt - Pedestrian [b]
(163) O'Leary - Pedestrian [b]
(164) Panghott - Pedestrian [b]
(165) Rowell - Pedestrian [b]
(166) Ed. P. Weston - Pedestrian [b]

I always thought that this series was likely the conglomeration of multiple series that couldn't readily be distinguished (all Type 1 and 2 cards from this set were originally assigned because of the common lithographer - Heppenheimer & Maurer or Heppenheimer & Sons)....I'm hoping that better cataloguing the back variations will give us a clue. 

Anyone willing - post away which back variations you can add to the above checklist and I will edit to keep a running list.

Thanks in advance, Chris

Chris Watson

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      I went through my set of N342 Type 1, Style C and you can put an "a" beside the following: 1, 4, 6, 10, 12, 13, 17, 18, 24, 27, 30, 31, 32, 38, 50, 65, 66, 67, 71, 76, 79, 83, 86, 92, 93, 103, 105, 108, 109, 113, 116, 118, 121, 122, 124, 125, 132, 135, 137, 139, 142, 146, 149, 154. And, you can add a "b" beside 36, 59 and 96.
      By the way, I know another collector who has the Emily Rigl portrait variety, so it is not unique.
B0b Rich@rds0n

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Outstanding Bob! - your additions have been added to the checklist.
Chris Watson

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Chris, I ran the IC backs through my near set and both Atherton and Jewitt actress cards are both "a,b".  I agree with all the other findings, regards, Bill H.
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