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FS/NFT. That's it! Throwing in the towel. Been on the lookout for over 10 years looking for cards 121-140.  I've only seen one. Up for sale is a complete set (120 Series) of a very scarce set. I've only seen 2 over the years at auction houses. Only other auctions were near complete sets. (2) Hell, you can't even replace 70% of these cards through eBay! They just don't exist. Whoever collected these in the 20's wrote on a few of the backs the name of the Movie that star was in. The ink is definately 1920's ink. How cool is that? What you call Provenance. Throwing in 18 Blank Backs and 24 duplicates also.  

39878798_1895093383862476_5148622158095712256_n.jpg  39905979_1895093697195778_7995405900124782592_o.jpg  39920005_1895093923862422_5865956446138531840_o.jpg  39929252_1895093530529128_8846041898427613184_o.jpg  39933111_1895093643862450_3443974506173956096_o.jpg  39939170_1895093893862425_2813225251284975616_o.jpg  39948189_1895092813862533_3649986069975269376_n.jpg  39969058_1895093650529116_983177344732626944_o.jpg  40005138_1895093717195776_9200301650089082880_o.jpg  

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