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Joe suggested this as a topic and I think it was a great idea.  My worst was losing about 1/3 of my items when I was in the hospital last year.  As our
leader Tom knows it almost chased me from the hobby.  I had many items
in storage at my parents house and my brother decided it was time to  
cleanout things including my only banner and about 75 Between the Acts
cards.  He donated them to Goodwill of Fairfield County Connecticut.  Who
knows what happened to them?  At least my favorites set (N31 Dudes) & my Sunny South cards were at my home. My best times are going to New
York Shows where any thing might be found and you can meet great people
such as Dr. Frank from the board. I also miss "Mr. Trade Card" Ron, who  I would see at the Greenwich Paper show.  I wonder what happened to Ron's cards?  He had thousands and was always there to help someone in
the hobby.  Just a couple of memories from this great hobby.   ted

Any memories out there????
non-sports daniel

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Very few people get this stuff. Certainly none of my family does. I’m making a mental note to keep nothing at my parents house. I’m sorry that this happened to you Ted. Glad you are still in the hobby.

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Ron's Cards are being sold on ebay, sellers ID is madmoneyetc


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same ID Ron sold under. It's his wife selling now. Maybe there's a lesson there somewhere?

BTW - he had in excess of 40,000 cards.....

Mr. Moses
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