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Just a random question to ask some of the experts on here with the Vintage Cards. Always wondered why all of the examples of these R59 American Beauties when found in uncut sheets are always with 9 Cards. 
I am staring to collect them again, have 4 now, 3 different. In the past I owned 10-12 different Uncut Sheets, all 9 Cards.
I have my own theories, that this was simply done as a way for ease of distribution/delivery, make 9 cards sheets and this has somewhat of a symmetry to it, sheets come out almost square. Cut to 9 Card sheets at the Factory? Then cut down to singles by the end retailer and then rubber banded into sets of 24. I've heard  through the hobby rumors of this for years. 

Or does anyone have a different explanation? If my theory of them is correct, than most likely the Original sheet would have been 36 Cards (4 X 9 = Large Rectangle Sheet). This would mean 12 or half of the set (24) would be double prints?

Anybody on here have a Original UnCut Full Sheet?



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