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anyone want to take a shot about the date or purpose of this one? I assume the War Dept. building is in the set. Anyone have an issue date for the set? About 6" x 9". There's no easel back so not for a counter top. Image tipped in on both sides. Heavy stock. After the merger. Where would this fit in at a shop for display when one can't see the back? Made for the window? Scan_20200807 (2).jpg  Scan_20200807.jpg 

Mr. Moses

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Can't answer on date or purpose, but it is an image A&G had previously (I assume) used in another photo advertising card (taken from the Gallery and' 'stretched'), but its not the same image they used in the set of 50 - images below.

Each of the 3 cards gives this Washington building a slightly different name. From top to bottom "War and State Department", "War & Navy Department", "War Department".

A&G advertising war and state building.jpg

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