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If you want to host your images on a 3rd-party site, there are many choices.

Suggestion #1:  do not use Photobucket.  They now charge $399/yr for a "hotlinking" account where you host images with them and link to them here.  That's a HUGE ripoff.

Suggestion #2:  do not use TinyPic.  First off, they're owned by Photobucket, so they may start to charge later.  Also, they stipulate that they may delete content after a short period of time.  

If you want to host images so you can have a simple website, here are some recommendations

1) Imgur. Free and non-restrictive and super popular. You can easily create albums there.
2) SmugMug. Inexpensive and has more features than Imgur.
3) ImageShack. Also inexpensive.
4) Google. If you're already a gmail user, you have free access to Google's Photos app where you can host and link to photos.
5) Wix is a website solution that includes image hosting. If you want a website, this may be a good choice.

Bill Cornell
my hobby website: The Trader Speaks
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