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Antique paper stuff of all types.
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To Bill and others, would really like to see pix of the cereal premiums and other collections. Used the bug the heck out of my parents to buy cereal I had no intention of eating because I wanted to send away for the premium. Particularly remember two knights on horses that you could wind up and joust with.

Everyone, please post pictures.
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Books(8,000), Baseball cards(too many), girlfriends(too few). Once they get a look at all the books and cards they yell "Freak!" and run. Just kidding.
Bill Meyers
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Here's the "Jousting Knights" straight from the 1950's for you. Also snapped a few more. All have the original paperwork as seen with the Superman Satellite Launcher. Just can't locate the others right now. E-mail me at and I can get you more "nostalgia" photos in the coming days. Enjoy!

Tom Boblitt
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not sure there's enough bandwidth for this question.........

I also collect.....

Vintage Baseball Photographs, mostly team and single player cabinet type stuff

Anything Louisville Baseball Related from Louisville Colonels and older

Any Louisville Slugger merchandise I can get

Still collect a lot of baseball stuff like Exhibits, BF3 pennants, Colgans chips, tobacco cards somewhat, etc

Louisville Cardinal football and basketball programs

Autographed Hall of Famer baseball bats

Single signed baseballs from Hall of Famers and other stars

Miniature Louisville Slugger bats

Baseball Hobby Publications like The Old Judge and older items

Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Glasses, Pennants, Tickets, Pinbacks

And more crap that escapes me at the moment.

Will shoot some photos
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absolutely great stuff! Email sent.


you have got to have one understanding wife. I have a friend who collects sports publications, has put together an almost complete run of Life magazines and other "stuff." When they bought their retirement home, they kept their existing home just to house his collections. Can't imagine what your home looks like. As to the old hobby publications, I have many. Are there any you are specifically looking for that I may be able to help you with? Let me know.

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The only major category of cards omitted from the ACC. Why the all-consumed Burdick overlooked them is a mystery. Ink blotters are dual purpose, come in a wide variety of sizes, artwork and subject matter. Many were even produced in sets. A simple cross over from Non Sport cards, and usually very inexpensive.
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Also copying from the BB Board, I thought it would be interesting to see what other things (besides non-sports and baseball) we collect.

I collect, off and on, still banks of defunct California banks and savings/loan associations. I try to collect the cheaper plastic give-aways as I think they are harder to find, but I can't pass up a good looking metal bank if it fits my classification. I grew up in this industry and in fact, (for those Californians of a certain age) worked for Coast Federal Savings in the late sixties (part time thru high school and then my first full time job) and actually had the rabbit bank on my desk before it disappeared one night. My wife found the replacement in a local antique mall and bought it for me.

Anyone else care to share? (P.S. pardon the dust.)

Mark Hellman
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I had one or two of those Uncle Sam tophat banks - I don't remember how or why or what happened to them, but I do remember them.

Nice collection. I have a huge collection of frogs. I had to borrow $20 from this cute blonde on our first date to pay for dinner and I paid her back the next day with a 20 rolled up inside a little ceramic frog playing the guitar. We've been married for almost 20 years and that frog was always well displayed. People thought we collected them and, over the years, we've amassed quite a display of frogs gifted us for various reasons. I'll try to round them up and take a picture for this thread.
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Hi Mark, great story and would love to see the collection. It's amazing how and why we get into amassing certain things. As for the top hat bank, many of the plastic banks were generic and could be used by many different companies. Good thing I'm not a variation collector of banks.

Happy New Year.
Bill Meyers
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After collecting non-sports for many years, I've shifted most of my collecting interest to 1940's to early 1960's mail-away cereal premiums. You know, the 50 cents and a box top toy offers featured on the back of cereal boxes. I've gathered 220+ premiums and still counting. I'll get some pics out later if anyone is interested in this stuff. Non-sports is, of course, still special to me. But aside from a few 1930's sets, I've passed on my collection to my two sons while selling off my dupe sets, singles, etc. to finance my premium collection. I must say that I enjoy this chat board and looking at the incredible non-sports items that the many of you gentleman possess. I must add my voice to those who say the hobby needs a new, comprehensive reference guide. I'd buy it in a second. Finally, does anyone out there know what has become of Chris Benjamin?
Dave G
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Tobacco type set


Victorian SMUT!!!!!!!
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Neat stuff Jack! My first bank account was at American Savings, and Home Savings and Sanwa bank were both clients of mine at one time. I seem to recall things were a lot better before deregulation.

And I"ll definitely have to tease Mark for bumming money off Shelley on their first date.

Besides cards and card related items (packs, boxes, uncut sheets, etc) we (wife and I, not the Dorskind we) collect African art. mostly from various trips. Some carvings from the South Pacific and Indonesia/Papua New Guinea have the same feel, so we've added some of those as well.

And at some point in the near future I"ll get serious about the various vintage surfing prints I have and get them framed, and build up that collection a bit.
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