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The NSB shows 33 cards for the set, along with the statement "Previous catalogues have short-changed this set at twenty-four, but numbers above this have been confirmed. A list of as many as nine numbers, with one being circled, is found on each card." Presumably this means that at least one card above #24 was found which also listed card #'s 25-33. No checklist is given in the NSB though.

It also has an unpunched card pictured which frames out the animal and his "wings" with a nice theater curtain.
Tom Boblitt
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A camel that I'll try to get scanned tonite.............

Dan C
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Credits given to Legendary Auctions, as I borrowed their 12 animal images.

Does anyone have other images, wrapper or information ?


Dan C
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I see there are card numbers

listed on each animal card.

The highest number thus far is 24.

We have 12.

Let me get my abacus/calculator.



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