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Jack J.
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By chance, I stumbled on some info about the O-Pee-Chee set Kings and Queens. Here's a link to the Gallery page.

It seems that the art work on the front and the poems on the back came straight from a book published around 1932 in England titled ... wait for it ... Kings and Queens. If this is not news to some of you, please feel free to go to something of more interest.

Here are a few comparative images.

Here's the list of illustration in the book. The number is 38, the same as the number of cards in the set.

Seems a bit unfair that neither the authors, Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon, nor the artist, Rosalind Thornycroft got any credit for their work. I'm sure they got as many royalties as they got credit from O-Pee-Chee.
- Jack J.

Claude Emond
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When you write a book called Kings and Queens royalties are included

Nice wrapper by the way, do you own it?
Jack J.
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Very clever, Claude. No, I stole the wrapper image from an old thread by Dan giving credit to Bob Burrell for ownership.

- Jack J.
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I owned the gallery set before finding a new home for it .

What a pity OPC didn't put out the Farjeon;s Heros Heroines book from 1933 .

Nice work JJ , tip of the hat to you .
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