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David M
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Sounds like a fun collection to go thru. Wish I could help, but I've primarily purchased newer (1930s-1960s)items, except for some N2's and T220 boxing. Does VCP have these nonsports cards listed? Otherwise, you could go through some issues of The Wrapper to maybe pick up some pricing info. Unfortunately, the pricing info is a little on the thin side for nonsport. I know I've paid too much in the past because I had nothing to base the going price on. I'm glad you're giving the board members a shot at some of this collection rather than just dumping it on ebay. Oh, and I would suggest posting pics with the cards you are trying to sell. People tend to be too lazy to ask for a scan. Good luck!
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Hello Gang,

I normally post over at the baseball side.

Soon, I'll make available a large amount of cards and related items, early 1900. The baseball, boxing and athletes I know., Colgan's, Domino Discs, T206, T205, T209, T210, E90-1, E93, E95, Hassan, Mecca and others.

The entire collection is raw and exposed. Appears to be all American issues from what I have dug through thusfar. There are Indian style blankets *cringe swastikas*, some silks, small card stock College banners w/tags, leather postcards (rectangular), cards of hotties (Old judge size photos?), birds, boats, lighthouses, presidents, historic figures, flags, etc. Uncharted territory to me and some I've never come across before. These are likely the same vintage as the sports cards.

I believe it's an attic find, as there is very little, if any mildew. Non of it is better than VG-EX(SGC 50)and other than kept cool, dry and covered. None of it, so far, has been pampered.

Hope to began listing these here in the upcoming weeks and hope those knowledgeable may be able to advise on the designations and fair selling prices. Im a Rube... Now to start chipping away at the baseball stack.

Thankyou for reading,
Steve Falletti
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