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Ken Bush
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Mr. Anonymous,

What number is the BUCK BARTON booklet?

I really like the America's Defenders Box!


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Buck Barton is number 7 and probably the last chapter.

Note to Tom...Some of the Paper Dolls from gum companies are listed as Z12

Some examples of unlisted Dell Comics subscription pictures from 1950

Meniers bracelets

Todd Riley
Reply with quote  #28 

Anybody have any others besides Riddler?
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Todd, I have "Batman's Mask" on a grape flavor.

Euclid candy

Masons candy

Many aviators, etc.

Todd Riley
Reply with quote  #30 
Thanks Jim!

Is that mask like the cut-out or the Gallery card?
Reply with quote  #31 

I have a grape Batman also, the mask is like the cutout and neither mention other characters.

But I do have other cartons with four different images of Tennessee Tuxedo and Dudley Do-Right.
Jeff O.
Reply with quote  #32 
Here are 3 Hires Root Beer similar to the Indian and Flag cards in design but with a Christmas theme.

Ken Bush
Reply with quote  #33 
A few more odds and ends.

Lone Ranger Fritos tattoos

About 4-1/4" X 5-7/8"

2" X 4"

Need some help. Free inside what?

I would like to know in what year these were issued.

The other 2 from this set

There are 16 post cards in the set

Zeno Gum discs

1-11/16" diameter

Shown under the envelope in which they came

George Close Co. Flags

Leather and envelope

Came folded in 2-3/4" X 4-3/4" envelope

Reply with quote  #34 
Davy Crockett Armour Cloverbloom Margarine cards and viewer

Red Heart Dog Cards

Tom Boblitt
Reply with quote  #35 
You put the dagger in my heart with those George Close em....most of them new adds for my E card book......
Todd Riley
Reply with quote  #36 
Ken, there is ton of oddball Peanuts issues. Most came from either bread (Millbrook, Weber, and others) or Dolly Madison snack cakes. Here is a picture I found of a bread wrapper with a similar band to what you show:

I have some of the reflective stickers. I see your wrapper lists "collect all 6" (unless I'm not seeing it correctly). Oddly enough I have 8 different. So I don't know what's up with that. I'm heading off to work now but will try to post some pictures tonight.
Tom Boblitt
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The cigar bands are T350-1 in the ACC.

Someone subsequently identified the George Close cards as E20. I think an update in the Card Collector's Bulletin or Benjamin or someone.

I think the college leather is L20

The Blanket is probably listed depending on the size in the B section.

Bob Forbes may chime in with the additional info.

GREAT STUFF......especially the George Close
Tom Boblitt
Reply with quote  #38 
With Ken's George Close Flags, I'm now up to 11 checklisted.............

Please let me know if anyone has any additional. I know it must be a set of 20-30 based on the other Close sets and the sets of the day. Anything to explain the difficulty finding them?

1         United States

2         Great Britain

3         France

4         Germany

6         Soviet Republic

7         Irish Free State

8         Portugal

10         Greece

11         Sweden

12         Japan

13         China

Ken Bush
Reply with quote  #39 
Tom, thanks for the information. I knew the listings for the cards.

I posted them mainly to show the envelopes in which they were issued.

The items are seen often, especially the Leather and the Flag, but

the envelopes are not.

The Peanuts label does say collect all six. I thought they might have

been issued by a bread company, but have never been able to find any


Reply with quote  #40 

The Peanuts stickers may have come in boxes of Zingers cakes (Dolly Madison product).
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