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Card is 3 1/2 x 2 1/4 in. card with pc corners in a horizontal format. Trying to researach this card I kept flipping between the Benjamin White book and the NSB without too much success. These cards are very similar to the Cardo aeroplanes series B cards with playing cards back. This set listed on p.162 of NSB lists the ACC # as R112-3A. It shows that the card #'s come in 4 different colors, black, blue, yellow and red. I have a bunch of cards with these same 4 colors. The problem is the planes listed on the cards I have are not the same planes listed in the NSB. For example the NSB shows 6 black being a "Fokker D21-Denmark". The card I am lsiting as 6 black is a "Short Sterling--British" in addition all the carads I purchased have what the Benjamin calls a "simple" playing card back with a red & white color. Is anybody familiar with this cardo set and idea of valuation?

Thank you for your help.
Walt Meder
Peter D'Luhosch
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Walt, there are 2 different Zoom card games. I believe the NSB only mentions one. You can find them on eBay quite frequently. Not worth much. I'll send you the 2 checklists off-line.
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