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Uncut sheet of Emergency
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It isn't an auction (so I'm not outing it) but a buy-it-now for $55K.

So the real question is: What would YOU pay for an uncut sheet of Emergency / Adam 12 test cards by Topps? (If it were an auction)....
Jason R.
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This listing has been on eBay for at east nine years (when I got back into non-sports card collecting, in 2008) and has been the first item on my "If I won the lottery..." list for the same amount of time. "Adam-12" is one of my all-time favorite TV shows.

Realistically, I'd think $20,000 would be the most it possibly could be worth. Individual cards from the series go for $300-$500 each, depending on condition. Proofs go for $200-$300. Even factoring in premium value for its being A) a full set and B) an uncut sheet, I couldn't see it selling for more than $20K, and that's to the right buyer (e.g. me, if I win the lottery).
Amit Benyovits
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For all you Graders out there i'd like to know how you feel that PSA is willing to grade cards cut from sheets.

Surely this can't be Kosher?

Applying today's techniques of laser cutting to the old method surely sounds like cheating to i think it's happened lots already..sure.

But it just seems wrong and not above board unless declared as such on the PSA slab...just my Humble opinion from a non grader.

so would love to hear your opinion on this matter...

Dave Lemon
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Well put!

My sentiments exactly.


1952 Mickey Mantle Pop:

3 Psa 10's

6 Psa 9's

4 Psa 8.5's

33 Psa 8's

Psa 8 sales:

Date         Auction         Seller         Bids         Price        

2/25/17         Heritage                         7         $660,000.00                

2/21/16         Heritage                         11         $501,900.00                

12/10/15         Heritage                         11         $525,800.00                

11/8/15         eBay         pwcc_auctions 78         $486,100.00                

10/16/15         Mile High         16         $309,613.00                

8/9/15         Goldin                                 19         $400,950.00                

7/30/15         Heritage         Image                 15         $382,400.00

A Psa 9 sold for $2 million

If a another Psa 10 is graded It would exceed $5 million+ in my humble opinion.

I personally wouldn't pay 5k for the uncut sheet of Adam 12 but I would consider buying high grade cards if you decide to purchase

the sheet and get it cut and send the cards into Psa for grading.


Daniel H
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Is PSA grading cards that weren't cut from sheets? While I would never cut anything apart (it's so much rarer in its uncut form) I'm confused about how anyone thinks that all cards weren't cut from sheets.
Amit Benyovits
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Let me give you a concrete example so you'll understand what i'm getting at.

For arguments sake let's say the current highest graded card of a 52 Mantle is a PSA 8 and you were the lucky winner to pay 475K for that card.

Now an uncut sheet is found and someone using todays technology laser cuts that card and it grades a 10..what do you think your PSA 8 is worth now.

It's totally unfair to grade two cards using the same criteria if one was cut with shears in 1952 vs a super precision laser cut.

Now if PSA were to acknowledge on the slab that the newly graded PSA 10 Mantle is laser cut..then i'm ok with that.

Now do you understand?

Daniel H
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No, but then again I don't "invest" in cards. I merely collect them. I have 99.99% of every card that I have ever acquired in my life. I buy what I like because I like it and that's about it. All cards are cut from sheets; it doesn't matter when the card was cut from the sheet or how it was cut from the sheet as far as I'm concerned. Especially if it's impossible to determine when the card was cut or how it was cut. I have lots of other stuff to be concerned about. This isn't getting me excited or upset.

Also, nothing in life is fair and spending time worrying about the equitabiliy of things like this doesn't suit me.
Amit Benyovits
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I just used it as a hypothetical example without resorting to real life figures.

Maybe i should have said if rare card X never had a PSA 10 grade and someone paid big bucks for a PSA 8 or 9 of that card.... and then along came an uncut sheet and it was laser cut yielding a PSA 10 wouldn't that have a debilitating effect on previous prices.

Would you be ok buying a laser cut card?..or would you rather know before hand that it was cut that way..

My assumption was that the grading scale established by PSA was related to the technique of cutting during that era and that applying new techniques would unfairly skew the values.

Maybe my assumptions were misguided.


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Tough set but that auction is to draw attention to the seller's other ware I'd wager.
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I would also guess around 15-20k to the right buyer. I can't fairly comment on the grading issue as it's not my thing. As for his other wares, I don't see a lot of bargains there.
J0hn Raff3rty
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Grading answer: PSA will only grade cards they can tell are sheet cut as authentic unless those cards were meant to be hand cut, like cut from boxes. If they were released in card form in a pack, they will not give number grades to recently cut vintage cards, IF they can detect the difference in edge cut.

BGS/BVG (Beckett) does not care about whether a card was pack-pulled or recently cut from a sheet, so cards that may have been cut from a sheet find their way into BVG holders more regularly. One major example is the 1979 Topps and O-Pee-Chee Wayne Gretzky rookies. Most of the ones in high grade BVG holders are there because PSA would only give them Authentic grades.

Type Collector
Posts: 81
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Following up on this nearly one year later, we have our answer: $2,400 is the going rate for an uncut sheet of Topps Emergency/Adam-12. That was the opening bid (with BP) and gavel price on Heritage Auctions last night, framed with double-sided, UV-resistant glass. I came thisclose to bidding when I saw it had zero bids with 15 minutes left to go, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Someone else grabbed it at the last minute.

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slight price decline over that year......
The Scooper

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If I could afford $55,000 for the uncut sheet
I could afford a special slab from PSA to grade the whole sheet.

Now that would be a 1/1


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Coming soon, minty cards from the sheet.  I'll keep my one copy, which is probably VG-EX, although I paid more than the $50 or so that sheet works out to per card.
Dave Hornish

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Is this the same sheet or another one? Are there any high-resolution pictures so that we can tell if the sheet is being cut up into individual cards? Identifying marks like little print dots can be telltale signs. I hate it when iconic sheets get cut up.
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