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Sometime ago I purchased what I though was a Nabisco Sports Car Corvette unpunched, from 1953. I buy these from time to time, and place them on the stack of "things to put away when I have a chance". I have no clue from whom I got it. Guess I need to get rid of "the stack".

This morning, was working the stack, and came to the Corvette. The cards looked incredibly clean; so starting looking more closely.

There are a number of things incorrect, but the obvious item is the back color which is a very dark gray.

There are other differences, but if I mention them all, then the bootlegger can make all the changes at one time.

So, if you are looking at these, and the cards are incredibly clean and white, and the back is not shown; best to leave it unless you intend to put the model together for display.


Jon Hardgrove

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