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Mike Glasser
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Hi Jeff:

So these are the 'transparent' parts of the card?

Where is the embedded link that you are referring to? When I go to the n233 page in the Gallery it only shows the one card. I must be missing something.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Here's the link Mike.

It's located at the top left of the gallery page titled "View 52 Transparencies".

Mike Glasser
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I have 17 Kinney Bros transparent type cards with cartoons on the front and the transparent picture on the back (just like the playing card types). They are all on very thin paper. I can't figure out how to get the pictures posted through Photobucket on this site or I'd post the scans.
Here are the pictures in a link form:
Does anyone know what they are?
Thanks for your help.
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Mike, you have Kinney playing cards that have separated. Your images are the transparencies. You can see a complete list of all transparencies from a link embedded within the N233 gallery page.


Charley Ramone
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Not to be confused with N223.

Both issues are cool.

" Showin the love while dealing with insomnia since 2:04 am "
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