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I figured it would be easiest to list questions according to category - manufacturer topics. This manufacturer, that we had recently been discussing, seemed like a good place to start as any...

Thos. H. Hall (U.S.A. - New York, NY)


Type 4, Style B  (N342-4B)
The front of this style of cards is inscribed “Bravo All Tobacco Cigarettes” with a horizontally-oriented back printed in blue that noted “Thos. H. Hall. M’f’r. New York. Established 1836”.  
1 - - need a 300 dpi image of front & back, additions to known checklist:

(1) Louise Beaudet
(2) Ellen Burg
(3) Dorothy Dene
(4) Lorraine Dreux (facing forward)
(5) Ada Rehan
(6) Adele Ritchie (wearing furs)
(7) Edna Wallace (smiling)

2 - QUESTION: Does (5) Ada Rehan have same image found in the ‘Type 4, Style A, Subtype 2’ series (N342-4A2; i.e. the "successor" back)? I ask because it would be nice if all cards from this set simply represented a subset of brand variations of N342-4A1 (i.e. non-"Successor" backs) cards....this seems plausible, since the other known six all do. 

ACTRESSES (N349) - need a 300 dpi image of front & back, additions to known checklist:

(1) Dorothy Dene
(2) Minna K. Gale
(3) Miss Lucille Hill
(4) Marie Jansen
(5) Clara Lipmann
(6) Miss Livingstone
(7) Louise
(8) Eloise Mortimer
(9) Anna Robinson
(10) Lillian Russell
(11) Annie Walsh

ACTRESSES (H584) - need additions to known checklist:

(1) Miss Belle Howitt as Queen Stalacta in Black Crook
(2) Mrs. Langtry
(3) Adelina Patti
(4) Lillian Spencer
(5) Mme. Theo

Thanks in advance for the assistance. 

Chris Watson
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