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Many of you are probably already aware of the site I just found on tobacco advertising. It is called the Vintage Ad Browser. The 1880s section has pictures of many cards, albums, and probably a few banners (34 pages of images!). For those who haven't seen this site, here is a link.
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I'm glad you got some enjoyment out of the web site. I hope others do as well.

I did find it a little disorganized. Guess I'm just spoiled by Dan's gallery!
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it reminded me of a cd I got a couple years back with snippets of someone's fairly common collection of images (why they wouldn't try and capture rare or more aestheticaly pleasing paper I don't know) - I felt taken after looking at one page - and I sent it back. When I clicked your link and recognised somethign at least similar if not the same - being the anal person I am I went through every page (which thankfully didn't take too long). I actually found a super catalog and a decent cover I had never seen. The catalogue (take note of speeeling here) is for ginter and dated 1881. I assume the "u" makes it an over-the-pond issue. Super neat!! There's also a Duke "cover" (envelope) with a neat graphic. I guess that underscores the overall importance to the collector to see all that he/she can - although I'm a bit torn as now there's a catalog for my favorite company I gotta chase.........
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no banners and random pages from albums BUT they did show the Kinney Dancers album (beautiful cover) which eluded me even the first time I chased a "run".
mr. moses
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card dedicated checklist sites on the net or perhaps anywhere. Add to that all the quality pictures and vetting that goes along with a knowledge base that takes a back seat to no-one. All this coupled with our own dan the man and his tireless worker bees - NO OTHER PLACE LIKE THIS PLACE SO THIS MUST BE THE PLACE.
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Henry , many moons ago ...

I was sure I sent you a catalogue link that showed the inside pages as well ...

I'll try to dig it out .

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