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Dan Calandriello
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hey, you bb collectors....need your comments

Do my female tobacco ballplayer cards from the early 1900s
fall into the baseball or nonsports category.

I think I have 6 or 7 with a female ballplayer and a noted position
first base, catcher, outfielder, etc...all in sepia color
Tom Boblitt
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Guess they're quasi into both..........

I know the baseball collectors collect them. Keith O'Leary of the beautiful posters and albums O'Leary's has some really nice 4x6 cabinets of them. Are the ones you have Sub-Rosa cigarettes? I think they're like N506 or something like that off the top of my thinning head. They've really gone up in value over the last few years in nice shape. You can get $100-$200 for them now or even more if they're really nice shape.

Shawn Adkins
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maybe a little of both. Technically I guess they are a sports card because they are depicted playing (or dressed to play) a sport. There are a few baseball collectors I know that pick these women player cards up when they are available. I had one a few years back but it was blank backed so I never really got into them. Was a neat card similar to an Old Judge with a "staged" slide into a base with another lady tagging the runner.
Dave G
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N-48, type 2 if they are the small sepia format cards with playing positions stated.

VG+ and better have sold as high as $200 and UP - PSA graded - well can you say "silly money""

I seem to think there is a thread going on in the Vintage baseball boards right now - I'll scoot over and have a look.
Dave G
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Nothing of relevance to this thread in the BB area.

but Dan's cards could also be N508 if they are Sub Rosa brand? But i think they didn;t have playing positions?
Dan Calandriello
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But my few cards always reminded

me of my divorce....they were

"run through the mill"

I love to call that type of card PSA -1

wait till you see the bodies

on these gals !!!

The only thing worse than the

bodies is the card condition !!!!
Dan Calandriello
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These gals must have been on a steady diet of ham and cheese sandwiches

The card condition themselves definately compliment the ladies bodies.

...bad, very, very bad

Dave G
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Tom Boblitt
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are the same pudgy bodies used on the N154 Presidential series where they pop heads of presidents onto those broads bodies....

See current auction.......
Dan Calandriello
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sure does look like it...what an eye you have, Mr Moderator
Shawn Adkins
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Huh, there's another auction where I was outbid. This is a conspiracy I tell ya! I will say that I had never noticed that those were the ladies bodies with which the N154's were created. I love this board, I learn new things everyday!
Eric B
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Look at the picture in American Tobacco Cards. they DID use the women.
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