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I have often read Claude talking about us going to another site.  This might sound
crazy, but I'm open. I read some where that there are a couple of hundred
members.  What if every member agreed to sell some where else? You could buy
off the bay, but sell at our agreed site.  The word would get out and we could all
save some selling fees.  I think many of us are buying off each other and don't know it.  We can still buy off the ebay & the  "finders" will sell there.  It might sound
crazy but ebay hit me with 12% selling fee and that is just too much.  I just want
 to try something else.  Curious on what others think.  I'm sure there will be a lot
of negativity.  I just want to hear other ideas on how we can save money. I thank
all of you for you opinion and for reading.  tm

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Ebay is the 800 lb gorilla.  There's no one else that does what they do in any kind of format that gets the eyes on the items that they do.  The fees are high but not crazy in my opinion.  If you consign with a larger auction house, your cards will be lotted in larger lots and, even if you pay zero commission, stuff won't bring as much per card as they typically do on ebay.  Unfortunately, run of the mill stuff is just kind of languishing out there right now.  VG/VGEX Duke, A&G, Kinney, Kimball and Mayo stuff just isn't moving quickly for anything decent.  I've got tons of that stuff on ebay in BIN format right now and, although I get the occasional sale here and there, it's nothing quick.  I'd be willing to participate in any kind of testing of any kind of marketplace that would be in competition to ebay.  It's just so costly to try to start something like that and get the word out.

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I actually have auctions/BIN's all designed to add to It wouldn't be an 800 lb gorilla - more like a 12 lb Howler Monkey. Unfortunately, I simply have not found the time to get it all coded for the site. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution - to get something working this year. Here are some of the features:

1) Unlimited FREE listings (both auctions & BIN's).
2) The only fees would be a 5% selling fee if/when sold.
3) It would talk to the database. This means:
  a) You would pick the item based on the database listing which would pull in all pertinent info (like mfg, year, ACC# etc) and would support looking up by ACC#, etc. You would also be able to select items from the checklist. This would help getting tobacco cards in tremendously. No more typing in titles as you just pick it from the available list.
  b) You could use stock images (mainly used on newer cards/packs/boxes that are pretty much identical). Any stock photo's would be clearly marked as such.
  c) The category is auto selected based on the database entry. This means you would never see Pokemon cards in the 1930's section. For items not in the database they would be in a special "everything else" section. Of course if it is something that should be added to the database, you can request it to be added.

These were the main features I wanted from the beginning. There are other enhancements I would add later.

One major "later" enhancement: membership comes with the ability to add your want lists. So I want to tie that to the auctions/BIN's. Since everything is linked to the database I can have the system cross reference what you are looking for with what is available. So this can be an on-demand link or a report sent later or individual emails sent as items you are looking for appear in the site. 

Anyway, if I were to do this are there people out there interested in using it?

Todd Riley

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I'd sign up in a heartbeat.
Dave Hornish

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Todd - You already know my answer.  Thanks, tm

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Originally Posted by
I actually have auctions/BIN's all designed to add to It wouldn't be an 800 lb gorilla - more like a 12 lb Howler Monkey. Unfortunately, I simply have not found the time to get it all coded for the site.

I have a programming and database background. If you are interested in any help let me know. I’d really like to get away from eBay.
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