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Jack J.
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I agree that this should be illegal because it infringes on copyright laws, financially damages the original producer, has potential to cheat future collectors of the real thing and generally plugs up Ebay when searching for original, vintage items.

That said, I really like my repro "Funny Monsters" box on my display shelf that I bought from them. It's on lighter stock, and is not perfferated or folded on the lid like the original. They did a great job on it, and I don't think I'll ever have an original to go with my card set and wrapper. What collection are they accessing for the images? It must be awsome. -Jack J.
Lance F
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I don't think it's a question of whether it SHOULD be illegal or not. Pretty clearly, what they are doing violates copyright laws. I think it's more a question of whether the right people take notice of what they are doing, or if those people feel like it's worth pursuing to make them stop. Some agencies are more litigious (sp?) than others.
Roger Clark
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It is not only cards. I collect sporting prints and one dealer has copied images from Odgen Pleissner's book and sells them as "prints". Unless someone who own's the estate sues, they can get away with it. Nice looking, but the same copyright issue. Guess as long as they make some sales and a profit, people will reproduce anything.

At least the Nostalgia sets issued in U.K. were very well marked; I think their laws concerning reproduction rights are stronger across the pond.
Claude Emond
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I do not see anywhere on the product a statement saying it is replica/fake or whatever you want to name it, the sellers has a stack of different fake for sale, you can bet any/all of those replica will show for sale as genuine in the near future.

Sorry to "out" an auction but I think it is important to be informed.


Claude E.
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There are enough tells for a collector to know this isn't a genuine item - wax packs are folded, not sealed, the backs are blank, the cards are not cut precisely, the condition of the box and packs is too perfect. I don't have a problem with it, and, no, the auction is not mine...
Les Davis
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Obviously these are repros...but look at his other items. Open the floodgates to everything being reproduced. Why won't/can't Topps go after these guys?
Lance F
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Not saying I condone what they are doing, but I contacted the seller once before when I noticed all the repro items they were selling:

"Pease tell me if you are adding any kind of identification of your myriad reproduction items that they are reproductions. A simple line on the bottom that says "Reproduction" or something similar?"

and their response was:

"Hello Lance, Yes we do. In addition we use card stock instead of the original cardboard to further differentiate it from the vintage originals.Thanks again for your interest."

At the time, I had only seen them doing repros of the boxes and wrappers, but looks like they've added complete sets to their reportoire. And unless I'm missing something, I don't see any kind of "reproduction" marking, at least not on that Bewitched set. I guess as Mark said, some familiarity with the look and feel of the originals would be a giveaway, but with a set like the Bewitched cards, which as I understand it was a test set that was never realeased and of which only a few blank-backed sheets were hand-cut and made their way to collectors, it seems that it would be easier (and more likely) that the cards would be mis-used.

Also, aside from copyright issues involved with producing a direct reproduction of a Topps product, including using their logos and trademarks, wouldn't there be licensing issues with ABC? Topps would be the most obvious company to alert to the unauthorized reproductions since so many of their products are represented, and they could probably claim that it hurts the sales of their Topps Vault eBay store which is selling the same kind of material (only original) in the same market. Media companies like ABC (I'm assuming that is who still controls licensing of Bewitched) have deeper pockets for litigation, though it would probably only take a "cease and decist" letter from their lawyers to get this particular product pulled. For that matter, if you really want to bring the smack down on them, let Gene Simmons' lawyers know about the KISS repros they are selling!
Ken Bush
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I am against unmarked reproduction of any kind.
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With all due respect, this is true in just about any marketplace I can think of. Either we protect everyone from the possibility of making a bad investment/purchase/business deal, or we expect folks to research before spending their hard-earned cash. I'm not a utopian, so I think the latter is more do-able than the former.
Charley Ramone
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Herewith is an example of what should be banned or perhaps at the very least be reported to Ebay and the Topps Vault. These should be yanked IMO.

I mean, if you had an auction for "James Spence Authentications" Letterhead or Envelopes don't you suppose that the buyer was a crook? Who else would have an interest?

BTW No OUTING of auction as its listed correctly,been running sometime, is a "Buy It Now" and he has 9 additional lots of same.

Could these be wanted by ANY legit collector,buyer,seller,dealer?


These are being offered in the hopes of some low life wanting to trade on the "Topps Vault" brand name in offering Repros or rare card fakes to market.

If you bought from item(s) from TOPPS would already have these. So I stand by my theory...only the unscrupulous would need these or buy them.

As Mark pointed out...with the addition of stuff like this floating around..ANY BUYER SHOULD REALLY DO RESEARCH

"tellin it like it is since 1966"
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