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I have been collecting T cards for several years, with one of my particular interests being in variations.  Recently, I began playing bridge again after a hiatus of 50 years. This month, I ran into something that combines the two.

The following is T12 variation of Deal #31 (I assume without examples that the same phenomenon occurs with T13):
T12-13 error.jpg 
My bridge revival allowed me to realize that this is not simply a variation, but an error and correction.  The version with 2 spades in the North hand is an error.  The recommended play of the hand that is described on the back is correct with the hand that includes 3 spades.  It still happens to work with the 2-spade hand, but a different approach has about a 50% better a-priori chance of success. 

It's nice when the separate flows of interest converge.


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Very cool.  Those are both Miss America versions, right?  I've got a complete 1-50 Miss America and 1-50 Society Matron set and need about 8 of the T13's but hadn't seen anything like this.  Another variation for Marty Krim to have to chase...........


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Well, I count that comment 'Another variation for Marty Krim to chase' as a PURE INSULT..

I am so upset that I am now petting 'Elvis' my Therapy Dog..

What makes you think I DO NOT have this variation (he says with tears in his eyes)..


No Faith

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Yes, both versions pictured are Miss America.  I can also confirm Society Matron (correct) and T13 Helen Twelvetrees (error).
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