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Charley Ramone
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Perhaps a few of you got caught up in these SEA RAIDER oferings from EBAYID: " SwedishPickers" on ebay today.

Here is the recently closed #45 the " MAP" Card :

Late last month there were other SEA RAIDER "lows" in Nicer condition from EBAYID: " Jackhumpus "or " JackChumpas"..Also located in Sweden?

Just thought it strange , all of these Sea Raiders coming from Sweden.

Comments? Opinions?

Lance F
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Not sure how it relates to non-sports, but I have sold quite a few Golden Age and Silver Age comics to collectors in Sweden over the years, mostly those having a "war" theme or related to one of the Disney ducks (Donald, Uncle Scrooge, etc). The Scandinavian countries in general are known for being more into the culture of comic books than much of the rest of Europe, with the exception of the UK.

Perhaps some of that collector enthusiasm spills over into non-sport cards? Off the top of my head, I can't recall ever having sold any cards to buyers in Sweden, but my history isn't as deep with non-sports.
Geoff Litwack
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Charley - had the same thought. I got smoked on the lots I was bidding on; as Daniel H. noted last month Sea Raider highs are hot stuff recently.
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a good spot CR , I guess we shouldn't be surprised as that area of the world has a fair history of pillagers and raiders .

Daniel H
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And here I thought Geoff was the one bidding crazy dollars for the #38 and #40. I thought I might have had a chance on those few that I still need, but most went for crazy money as Charley pointed out. I was able to pick up the #48 for a meager $230. I have kind of accepted that the going rate is $100-$300 for beaters. At this point I have been working on this set for so long and I am so close that I'm willing to pay stupid money for beaters. I'm down to need ing two cards; #38 and #45. I have a blank back #45 but PSA wouldn't give it an authentic grade. If the flag card is going to go for this kind of money I will never complete the set, which is okay I guess. I'm less compulsive about being a completist at this point in my life I guess.
Charley Ramone
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Funny Mr. Mark! ( gave me a grin this am )

Geoff: Well, whats really surprising is a few of these hi numbers , in better condition, sold way below that "Swedish Sea Raider Orgy" that took place yesterday.

Go figure.

That's why in my original post I mentioned being

" Caught up " (wink,nod)

BTW O/T : Would'nt " Swedish Sea Raider Orgy " be a great name for a Band, Book or Movie?

Eh...Wait... I think they already have the movie! (sigh)

"showin the love since 1969 "
Geoff Litwack
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Charley: Agreed on all points, and I await the draft of your thus-titled novel.

Daniel: I sort of thought I was bidding crazy money, but apparently not. There was a lot with a pair of Anne Bonnys that went for a relative song a few months ago, I should have doubled down on that although she is the easiest of the five I'm missing (26-28-38-40-46!)
Jack J.
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Just got my one Sea Raiders card I won from Swedishpickers. It was a low number, low price card, and I'm very happy with it. I hope all that won cards from this dealer are as happy. -Jack J.
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daniel i have number 45 , the map that i would be willing to sell it s in low condition, if interested e mail me at
Charley Ramone
Reply with quote  #10 
As I long suspected... and confirmation.


" Showin the love since 1963 "
Daniel H
Reply with quote  #11 
Sonja, we have twice had e-mail conversations regarding your two #45 cards; there is no need to start a third. Thanks though.
Dave Hornish
Reply with quote  #12 
Sweden seems to have been an early overseas market for both WWG and Topps, who dumped excess 1950-51 Freedom's War cards over there.
Geoff Litwack
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More strong prices for Sea Raiders high numbers on eBay this morning, and they might have been higher if the cards were listed singly. Did anyone here participate?
Charley Ramone
Reply with quote  #14 
Yes sir..More and more...These SR's are just gushing forth...even the hard highs...

I stayed out of the fray...saw the ending to this movie before.(sigh)

I just can't see pony up that kind of money..especially the low numbers..really not that great condition..going strong at 18 to 20 per... Did not check after auction pricing yet...

Tis not me Geoff...Did you get mangled?

These can be had A LOT NICER ( low numbers) for these prices..and with the "flow" of the High numbers recently..I see prices coming down for rounded,wear cards...even IF they are "hard" high #'s

The new owners will be flipping out whatever they upgraded. As daniel mentioned weeks ago...Beaters going strong..I would settle for a little more wear and a 50% reduction in price...just me.

Of course, I never saw Google going what do I know? (pssft!)

"showin the love since 1966 "
Geoff Litwack
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I was only bidding on highs and won nothing, even with one (I thought) aggressive bid. The high numbers really are tough and in demand, but I can't see paying crazy prices for low numbers unless they're in tip-top shape, there should be plenty to go around.
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I snagged the Blackbeard card early on, picked up the beater Hostages card for $20.50 (because I figured they would combine the shipping anyways and I needed the bilingual back) and then I lost out on all the high numbers, by a lot. My closest bid was like $489 for the two Raveneau De Lussan cards. Maybe I should have bid on the Diego Grillo card because it went for under $200, but I didn't really like the centering and wasn't sure if it and others were trimmed. I'm pissed because I needed the Bartholemy Portuguez card and thought I bid high at $62.89, but I lost it and am surprised it went that high I guess. It's been kinda exciting the last couple times a bunch have come up for auction at the same time!
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The last few weeks have brought some new Sea Raiders high# eBay auctions from Sweeden, this time PSA graded cards. I got knocked out by a bunch in the 2012 raw card auctions, went to bat on a really nice Mary Reed in PSA 5 few weeks ago, and again got outbid substantially. When the map (#45) card came up last week in PSA 4, I decided to bid whatever was necessary to secure it (and hoped someone else didn't do the same - hahaha), as I've literally waited 3 years for one to come available with a PSA numeric grade. I was thrilled to win it for less than I thought it might go for! With this one in the collection, I actually feel like the rest of the Sea Raiders set is in reach. Most of my low #'s are in PSA 7 or 8, and am trying to build the highs in at least PSA 4, although I've been lucky enough to upgrade a few over the years.
tony fryer
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I got my Crockett GREEN 20A AMBUSH/AMBUSH for $100 from Sweden a few years ago, so the secret is out now, poop another market closed to me.
Richard L.
Reply with quote  #19 
Congrats Mike, thought it might have ended a bit higher. Care to share your max now that the auction is over? The SGC NM/84 sold for 3500 that was crossed to PSA 6.5 a bit over a year ago. It's a great feeling crossing off a tough card during a lengthy search Could you please post a better scan of your new pickup?
Dave Hornish
Reply with quote  #20 
I think there may have been a US-Sweden trade partnership or some type of conefctionery distribution arrangement from the 30's to the early 50's. Topps used to sell cards in Ssweden when they were starting out.
Reply with quote  #21 
There were strong partnerships formed in the mid 1930's between 2 or 3 major UK confectionery (Cadbury , Rowntree) companies and some of the big guns or should that be gums from the US , Fleer , Gum Inc etc .

I can't see why the US companies didn't spread their net to mainland Europe .
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