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Dan C
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gee, Rand,

I was hoping to get survey info....have anything to add

in the way of easy numbers....tough numbers ?

Rand, sincerest good luck with your buying transactions with Bill !



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i thought i kinda answered it, but maybe to muddled in my original response. i would have emailed bill directly but i couldnt link to his mail.

survey: i havnt noticed any particulary tough cards yet, still about 70% complete, however any cards in Ex or better are tough in general.

#50 ex

#51 dont have

#52 dont have

#53 ex/mt

#54 dont have

#55 ex

#56 ex+

#57 ex/mt

#58 ex/mt

#59 dont have
Dan C
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thank you for your survey help...

Of course, I agree that any card in super condition for this set is

nearly impossible to find these days.

Also, a set that is totally ex/ex+/mt will be a stunning sight to see.

I guess I could add this info.......for many years, based on the cards I amassed

at shows in New England, I would have bet my retirement funds that the 2nd half of the

set was at least twice as hard to find as the first half (1-48s).

Then, one week that I was in NJ visiting relatives, an ebayer auctioned a Bowman or

Topps late 48s set. I won it, asked for others. He did...He met me as I drove home to the

Boston a NY diner...

he had Wild West tough numbers...IG/1948..... O-N-L-Y numbers 49-98...and other sets

which I can't quite recall....gosh, all those cards were crisp as can be !!

(collecting these sets as a child made the whole thing so much better).

BOTTOM I look at my 1948 IG cards today....the first and second half

seem nearly equal in total...




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dan, my numbers may be skewed because i wouldnt pay attention to a card that was less than Ex, so the ones i am missing may not be elusive pickups had i wanted to fill the missing cards till i upgraded.

however, i remember that marty krim (last year) sent me a large box of them to sort through. he would be a good person here as i know he has lots of them.
Dan C
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I had done research 10-15 years ago and found there COULD be
a few REALLY TOUGH numbers in the 51-59 sequence.

Has anyone else documented this set for tougher numbers?
And yes, I realize this set is rumored/documented to
have been sold into the mid-50s, meaning NO tough numbers.
Anyone ? anything ?
Dan C
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hey dan, thanks for bringing up this set. i did not know it was still sold into the 1950s, never occured to me they would still be available after 1948. i have not realized any scarce numbers yet. i have not completed the set as i am attempting high grade examples and not buying creased cards. what i have noticed is the relative difficulty in obtaining high grade examples and how few are really available for sale (ebay + main auction houses) in general. some numbers seem to be readily available all the time, others i have not seen one example yet in any condition. most collectors turn their nose up to this issue, its still a factory released set with a new numbering system and reverse print. i dont know if reprint or re-issue is truly the best way to categorize it. oh well, the debate has been done hashed out. i still like the cards.
Dan C
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Sometimes I get side-tracked into coding mini pages.

Here are the IG 1947-1948 minis.....first half the set.

Have to run errands, but will have the 2nd half ready later today.

Hope the collectors of this set enjoy the minis......



Tom Boblitt
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With the set and haven't really noticed any scarcity of any particular stretch that I can remember. When I get back to my checklists I will let you know what numbers that I'm missing.......I too like the set and agree that it's hard to fine high grade examples--even in the Ex or slightly less than Ex range. I have a few cards with creases but not many. Think I'm about up to 55-60 or so. Missed out on a couple large lots lately. They still bring pretty decent prices in nice shape. I underestimated the interest in them in Ex condition. I like the set. I will concentrate on it more upon completing my regular Indian set of 216 and then after the 1947 Indians, I will head on to the daunting task of the master set of 1933 Indians.
Dan C
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..Tom, I havent forgotten to look into the junker box

for your few IG 30s wants,

really I havent...

It's just you have me doing so much webpage coding,

I get tired and forget the important things !




Dan C
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someone suggested I might have six-seven low quality sets.

I simply reply.........sigh, you take what is given !
Dan C
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One of the best postings about this set was about 2 years ago,

when a fellow who hailed from the same town as the Goudey office/plant,

posted some of his memories of collecting the set. I'm sure he

was one of the fellows that recalled them being available in the mid-50s.

Just another reason for lurkers/non-collectors to come forward...

to tell their stories and stories that have been passed down from

their relatives.


And while I am recalling things, a co-worker at the place I worked in Massachusetts

always maintained he collected them in the early 50s. He asked me to finish his

set (he needed just a few)(wish I had THAT want list) The only other set he loved

was Topps Wings.....(I was able to get him his last couple cards and wrapper)



Bill Humphreys
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Dan, I have not really tried to collect this set, only have saved cards found in accumulations with cards from other sets, etc. Only have 34 cards out of 96. Looked at those in my collection from 50 thru 59, this is what I have:


52--Near mint

54--Near mint




Hope this helps with your informal Survey, Bill H
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any chance #52 & 54 are available ? please let me know thanks
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