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Claude - it is not a question of money it is just that finding really high grade cards is extremely difficult. I could have Bill Gates money and I still would not be able to put together (For example) a complete PSA8 R60 G-Men or R73 Indian Gum set ( And Bob Marcy is trying to do an 8 R73 set).

I am not critizing or sneering at raw card collectors who build low to mid grade sets. I have many of those sets myself ( My Tootsie Circus card set has a GPA of 2.46 and BION is No. 1 on the PSA Set Registry).

Even on something as common as the 1988 Topps Dinousar Attacks set, where you can buy a case for less than $100.00 it is tough to put together an 8 set. and there are collectors trying to do the dinousars set in that grade.

Tom Boblitt
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You'd be lucky to do a straight 5 set.........E cards and 19th Century cards just aren't found in straight 8 type range. Will you find a few of those 25 and 50 card sets in 8. Absolutely. That is always the exception, not the rule though. I'd love to collect higher grade cards but I couldn't for most of the stuff I collect because I'd never complete sets or I couldn't collect the breadth of stuff that I do because the cost would be just prohibitive. If straight 8 is the bar, you limit yourself to a much narrower scope of cardsets produced much later in the hobby.......I'm gld those people DO collect that stuff though, because if they didn't, they might be coming after the stuff I collect! So, keep on straight 8'n................

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I am trying to get all my BION sets up to PSA8 or better (I know good luck with R21 and the Canadian sets). I cherry picked through four raw 1962 Dynamic Toy BION sets and submitted a complete set using the best card for each number (This is an oversize 35 card set). These are my results:

PSA9OC - Two
PSA8.5 - One
PSA8 - Ten
PSA8OC - Four
PSA7.5 - One
PSA7 - Eight
PSA6 - Six
PSA5 - Three

This brought my set GPA up to 7.37. The centering on this set is brutal. So far all my BION sets (With the exception of the three mentioned above) have a GPA of 7.25 or better. The best is my 1934 Carreras BION set with a GPA of 7.85 where I still need to upgrade 14 cards (Out of 50)to 8's.

My challange is finding raw cards that will grade out 8 (I'm the only nut doing this) and this is turning out to be very difficult (Even with the the 3 1970 sets).
Bill Bengen
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Jerry has hit the nail on the head. I hate to count how many sets I have sitting in the 7.8's and 7.9's because I can't upgrade a few cards. And it's been that way for years!

For some of the early 1950's series, straight-7 would be an accomplishment.

Best in collecting, Bill Bengen
Claude Emond
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I think graded card has been brought to life to fulfill the need of wealthy individual for a challenge in card collecting, when you have an "unlimited" amount of money at your disposal buying set after set could become boring quite rapidly, not being able to find the high grade card needed regardless of the cash in hand make it challenging.

Not being wealthy myself I couldn't care less about graded card, finding the cards I need at a decent price is challenging enough, and in case you wonder, yes I can appreciate the beauty of a high graded card.

I would trade a better shape card for a few lesser one to build a set, I've done it in the past with Jerry where I trade a card (not high grade) which I had a single copy for more cards of the same set just to get closer to the ultimate goal (complete the set), the trade was suppose to be 2 for 1 but Jerry has been very generous and sent me more than twice what was agreed.

That is what make this hobby so fun, rich or poor we share the same obsession, find the missing one, just at different level.
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