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Eric B
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I've typically stored my raw cards in one of 2 ways. Years ago I put them in the sheetsa they were designed for. But when I would upgrade a card I would need to pull one out to put the other in and I was always worried I would damage the nicer ones because of the tight fit. Then I startrd putting them in toploaders with penny sleeves to avoid slippage. But those are hard to look at and/or find.

I prefer the albums for dusplaying. So I would like to try a different way - putting cards in the sleeves that the grading companies prefer for submissions and then putting those in 4-slot album sheets. That way I get the albums I prefer and I can replace a card for an upgrade without handling them. And once a card is in the sleeve it never needs to be messed with and it's ready for grading.

Does anyone do it this way? What are the positives and negatives to this?

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I grapple with this all the time and needed a two second break. My main thought about those semi-rigid sleeves the grading companies use - is that they're so damn tight. I'm always worried about stressing whatever I try and get into one. Also hard to center the cards and I actually prefer a uniform positioning - my little bit of anality I primarily have cards in sheets, screw-downs, and tombs. Some cards are in top-loaders but they tend to be less significant cards emotionally or aesthetically - or they are waiting to be sold or graded. Unfortunately I have more than just a card disease - struggling to find acceptible places to store yet access trade cards and larger or more unwieldy paper/ephemeral items. Most of what I own is either in sight or easily accessible. I'm not a throw it in the vault guy - I'd buy palladium in that case The only thing I like about dealing with these logistical problems is that it allows me - no - forces me - to constantly think about my collecting in terms of focus, quality, and quantity and every time I change the how or where of my paper collectibles, I get to look at my stuff that languishes in the dark recesses of an album..............
tony fryer
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I chuck all mine in big plastic boxes to be sorted when I retire.

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First, I collect at a level where I don't have to worry too much about the condition. Yah, I don't want to depreciate those cards I have, but I don't have many $100 cards. That said, just about all my cards are in 9 pocket pages in albums. Moving cards around when I get a new batch does worry me. On my nicer cards, I put them first in the thin single holders. Since these do not fit in the 9 pockets, I trim them down on one side. The card cradles well enough to be lifted out with tweezers, and I don't have to touch it with my fingers.

Mine is not the best method for protection, but it keeps all my cards organized and accessible. I just don't like the slabbed cards, so I don't buy them. Anyone thinking about slabbing low end cards to increase their market value looses me as a customer. Oops, I didn't mean to get into a slabbed vs raw discussion. -Jack
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That's the sort of hoard that I hope to find every time I go into an attic! I've actually had dreams where I somehow came into such a collection, and was sad when I woke up before I was done sorting everything. Those pictures made me smile like a kid in a candy store Thanks for brightening up my afternoon!
tony fryer
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that is only some of them! I als have no high dollar cards. I have a few (400) slabbed that sit on my shelves. (not sorted either!) The main trouble I have storing them that way is trying to find anything! and also I keep buying doubles/trebles/quadrouples etc.
Jon Hardgrove
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Eric - when I first started serious collecting (as opposed to the rubber bands and cigar boxes); I placed all my cards in sleeves, and then placed the sleeves in 4 pocket pages in albums as you suggested, BUT I RAN OUT OF SPACE!!!

Ultra-Pro makes pages with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 15 pockets that are supposedly from an archival material. Just about any card will fit in one of these pages.

If you have lots of space, the sleeve in the four pocket should work fine.

As an addendum to your question; for those of you that collect albums - how do you handle these? I have many albums of cards that I simply CAREFULLY open and turn the pages to look at the cards. I really don't want to own anything that I cannot look at and enjoy.

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I often use either an oversized toploader (comic book or magazine size) or comic book/magazine bags and boards. If the album has any "frayed" edges, I'll slip it into a comic bag before putting into the toploader to keep from snagging bits while inserting it, and you can even leave the flap of the comic bag sticking out the top like a large tab for pulling it out next time. Toploaders come in almost every size imaginable, from tobacco card size up to one-sheet poster size (the latter being more expensive, obviously). If the album is a bit thick (more pages or with cards in it), you may need to bump up the toploader size to allow for it. If you don't have a local shop that carries the full spectrum of toploader sizes, you can always order them direct from one of the suppliers. I've been using BCW for a couple years now, and other than the recent lags in re-stocking (due to increased lead times from Chinese manufacturers) have never had any problems with them.

As for protection while flipping through the album, I'm not sure how you could do that other than being verry careful, as you mentioned. The only thing I can think of would be to scan each page and then put the images in a slide show or pdf so that you could "virtually" flip through the album with each page appearing on the screen as it does in real life. Not quite the same, I know, but I can't think of any other way to preserve viewability without endangering the album.

As for Eric's original post about cards in albums, I can't think of a better way than the Card Savers in 4-pocket pages idea, especially if you're pulling them in and out. Just my take though, and I'd be curious to see others' alternatives.
Rick P
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Personally, I have never liked using albums. I simply put my cards in 9-pocket sleeves and store them flat in boxes available at most art supply stores. They're kept out of the light and away from the elements, they stack neatly and take up far less room than albums.

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