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Ralph P
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So who will be attending from the Non-Sport Fraternity . . . ?
If there was a quorum, might be time for the Net54 N-S Dinner.
Tom Boblitt
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Tuesday though Saturday. Be in Chitown next week mon through Thurs for spring break....
Charley Ramone
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Instead of a hedonistic combo of bikini's,Sand and Sun trip down south.

We go for Deep dish Pizza,Corrupt Politicians and Lake shore drive Up North? (smile)

"showin the love since 1966"
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I will be at the National this summer. There usually isn't enough interest to have a NS Net54 dinner. A few guys to meet at David's table for example, but never seems to be enough interest for a separate dinner.

However, Leon will be having the annual Net54 dinner again this year (he didn't have one last year in Baltimore). Do look for the details on the Baseball side in early July.

See you in Chicago in August !!!

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