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More stuff. Does anyone have images to add??? I have no idea as to how many are in either set. Both are probably 1890's.
Top = Armour & Co. ~ Sailor or Soldier in every Package ~ 3 1/8" tall

Bottom = Dillworth's Coffee ~ Save Trade-Marks to procure a Company of U.S. Soldiers ~ 4 1/4" to 4 3/8" tall
Chuck Millburn
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Ron, I was hoping 10 was a set, but your artillery sergeant makes 11.

All of mine came from that huge collection that I got about 12 years ago. Lots of duplicates - sold to Todd R. recently - maybe he still has some ???

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I would bet on a set of 16. I know other sets from the period are often 16. Today that seems like an odd #. ???

If you have a like condition duplicate. I am willing to trade U even-up??

I will contact the "Human Paper Vacuum" & see if he has extras.

Chuck Millburn
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I have 10 K124s:

U.S. Infantry tent

U.S. Marines Man of War

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Chuck, Thank you. #K124....I could not find them in Burdick?

10 could be the set?? or 12 - 16

These are the only ones that I've seen. Did you get yours all at once or piecemeal??
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